Cancer of the tongue, can death!

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Lakers title five places - Michael Cooper suffers from tongue cancer, still early will undergo surgery in Atlanta, magicians Jabbar et al tweet specially Cooper blessing.

Pentecostal man chewing betel hobby 20 years suffering from tongue cancer, the most powerful time of day to chew out the 5 pack in brine mouthful, he never thought he would be a good verbal of his life.

Female Students Jiani a university in Nanjing, was recently suffering from tongue cancer, doctors operated on her, cut off half of her tongue, and then the skin of her left wrist to help her rebuild a 'new tongue.' Expert analysis to barbecue, fried foods when food habits may lead to the main cause of her cancer.

Almost any part of the body are likely to suffer from cancer, do not think only of liver cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, these large organs, cancer will be some small parts, such as the tongue, we are not familiar with this cancer, it will also cause serious health problems, even life-threatening.

Oral tongue cancer is the most common cancer, more men than women. Tongue mostly squamous cell carcinoma, especially in the Tongue 2/3 parts, adenocarcinoma is less common, and more in the base of the tongue, the tongue base may also occur lymphoepithelial carcinoma and undifferentiated carcinoma. Tongue occurred in the tongue edge, followed by the tongue, the tongue back and base of the tongue, etc., often ulcerated or infiltrating. generally higher degree of malignancy, fast-growing, highly invasive, often spread tongue , resulting in tongue movement is limited, so to speak, eating and swallowing are difficult. tongue tongue palatal arch backward can be violated and tonsils, advanced tongue and floor of the mouth can spread to the jaw, so that the entire tongue fixed.

Life of people suffering from tongue cancer is relatively small. So people in this case the condition is poorly understood, but once suffering from tongue cancer. Many people are confused look. Because of the tongue is not the slightest alert people resistance, to those in the late stage discovery brought sudden shock, and treatment is also much more difficult. If we can detect early symptoms of tongue cancer may result not so serious.

Early symptoms of early detection

1, the sudden appearance of an increase in saliva secretion, salivation, bloody nose, swallowing choking sensation, maxillofacial tumor and lymph nodes, and persistent, even gradually increased;

2. However, loose teeth, loss, dental malocclusion when chewing food, consciously dentures dentures discomfort, oral cavity and pharynx numbness, pain, the general symptomatic treatment did not improve the early symptoms of this tongue;

3, the sudden appearance of the tongue movement is limited, slurred speech, pain and swallowing speak; limitations vermilion mucosal thickening and scaling form, accompanied by white keratosis spots;

4, the sudden appearance of the oral mucosal erythema, edema, erosion, chapped white, flat tongue moss, uplift and granular granulation, etc., subjective feeling extremely insensitive, but two weeks after treatment for four weeks not only healing, these early symptoms of tongue cancer it will slowly spread increases;

5, if the oral mucosa, ulceration there is often permanently, and mucosal lackluster at all, or there is not name-like uplift, such as tumors, hyperplasia happen. We must be vigilant and timely to the hospital to check, because which it is likely to be early symptoms of tongue cancer.

Continued healing of tongue pain, as well as neck lymph node swelling for no reason, are the early symptoms of tongue cancer, but many patients ignore symptoms delayed seeking treatment, there is a need of advanced tongue cancer receiving radiation therapy, and even cut the cancer cells on the tongue, disruption of normal speech and swallowing ability.

Zhang Wenlong clinical oncologist said that nearly half of the cases of tongue cancer due to tobacco-induced, but the tongue of cases in recent years due to human papilloma virus (HPV) caused signs of increase, I believe that the oral infection related mainly to younger patients, but Rehabilitation situation is relatively better case caused due to alcohol and tobacco. He also said, such as oral ulcers, white spots or redness, swelling and neck lymph reason, the symptoms continued two weeks, they should immediately seek medical attention.

Prevention tongue 5 points

1, pay attention to oral hygiene, so morning and evening brushing, mouthwash after meals.

2, if there should be early to fill cavities, can mend use of residual crown and root to timely treatment, earlier return to normal anatomy of the tooth.

3, grinding sharp change nonfunctional cusp and marginal ridge, so that cusp and marginal ridge crown occlusal surface into a blunt shape, in order to prevent damage to the lingual margin tissue.

4, found that benign lesions or precancerous lesions, such as the tongue portion papillomas or erosive lichen planus, etc., should be excisional biopsy, or active treatment, regular observation.

5, quit smoking, alcohol and other bad habits, strengthening physical exercise, improved nutrition, eat more foods rich in vitamins and anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect of fresh fruits, Eat spicy food.

Tongue diet Taboo

1) should be fresh, easy to digest, rich in quality protein, vitamins, minerals, foods, fresh vegetables, fruits meal necessary.

2) Eat a certain anti-cancer foods, such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, beans, mushrooms, sea cucumber, shark.

3) selection has Endometriosis effect of food: jellyfish, seaweed, mussels, sea cucumber, abalone, squid, seaweed, turtle, red bean, radish, shepherd's purse, water chestnuts, mushroom and so on but these foods are tired of stagnation, easy hurt the stomach, food to eat less anorexia and fever.

4) different physical selection of different foods. Spleen and stomach, the gas shortage of edible pigeon, quail, eggs, dates, round meat, ginger and garlic.

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