2016 CES exhibition series of reports: With Google Brillo docking Electrolux appliance birth

Updated: January 7, 2016  Views: 0

As one of the world's largest appliance maker Electrolux, was the first sign in Google create Google's enterprise networking platform, the smart appliance manufacturers for their own position, Electrolux (Electrolux finally played the first punch.

For the establishment of smart home platform, Electrolux can be described as a new partner of Google, the Internet + let the two giant companies increasingly close .Brillo is Google's operating system, networking, early and Brillo docking project Electrolux on He has been involved .2016 CES show, Electrolux to show everyone the only sale in Europe first Brillo smart appliances - smart oven.

Electrolux internal executives also said that the cooperation with Google is a bold move, is to unify the protocol standard smart appliances, home appliances brand crossover and cross-border cooperation between the more and more, which is the driving force of the Internet +, We do not know whether the future Brillo Google will become the dominant smart home platform, and its success related to Electrolux in the future. In this exhibition, Electrolux and Google's cooperation, but one big thing, world the largest exhibition platform, we will be very seriously our smart home products.

Comments: For the home appliance manufacturers to create their own smart appliances, home finding out wireless communications technology, in fact stand too difficult, ZigBee and Z-Wave has been riding for years, and Brillo and Weave was born shortly periphery there are many new and improved Things communication protocol. In 2015 Google I / O developer conference, Android devices for unified smart home platform Brillo was only released in the second half were released Weave use Google's meant to keep Apple's HomeKit platform temporarily evenly divided, with HomeKit difference is that Google is doing things the system Brillo and wireless protocols Weave, is really hard Dong Daozi aimed protocol standard want unity of things.

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