National network advocacy work conference January 5 - was held in Beijing on the 6th

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January 5, 2016, the national network advocacy work conference held in Beijing, the meeting site. Guo RESEARCH photo

National network advocacy work conference January 5 - was held in Beijing on the 6th meeting stressed that 2016 is the net work of faith 'Innovation', to vigorously promote the network publicity work ethic, content, tools, team building comprehensive and innovative. further explore and improve the governance network of socialism with Chinese characteristics road, make party favors become the strongest voice in cyberspace for 'Thirteen Five' period a good beginning, a good start, opened the network to provide strong public support.

The main task of the conference is to thoroughly study and implement the party's 18 and the eighth session of the Third, Fourth, Fifth Plenum, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the important speech Xi Jinping, general secretary of the series, study and implement the Yunshan, Comrade Qi Bao in the national publicity Council of Ministers on the important speech, summed up the network publicity eighteen since analysis of the current situation, research and deployment work this year.

The party's 18 years, a further improvement in the ecological network, the main theme louder, positive energy is more abundant, growing cool and bright cyberspace, online media ecology and the party and the country's overall situation is generally synchronized to the good development of the survey report shows that 80.1 percent of Internet users believe the network media environment significantly improved, 78 percent of Internet users believe that the level of network civilization occurred change, 85.6 percent of Internet users believe the network is increasing energy information, 90.6 percent of Internet users on the healthy development of our network with confidence.

The meeting noted that the party's 18 years, the general secretary Xi Jinping delivered a series of important speeches, systematically expounded a series of major theoretical and practical issues of development and governance of trouble off the Internet, and proposed a series of new ideas and new viewpoints, and new conclusions, depicting grand blueprint for the construction of the network power.

In group discussions, it was agreed that the network is Xi Jinping, general secretary of strategic thinking powers of governance of an important part of thinking, scientific answer to a series of major theoretical and practical issues of development and governance of the Internet, is a network of socialism with Chinese characteristics rule scientific summary and theoretical sublimation Road, is to do the work of the network channel guidelines and basic follow.

Everyone agreed that Comrade Yunshan, odd Celebrex important speech profound analysis of the current situation facing the propaganda and ideological work, to further clarify the objectives and tasks of the year, especially for network propaganda put forward new and higher requirements, we are encouraged by , energy is greater.

The meeting called for this year's focus on the following work: Deepening Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the new concept of governance new ideas and new strategies and new practices of online publicity, so that the party's theoretical innovation and practical achievements become cyberspace high the main tone, theme. around the center, serving the overall situation, increase online positive publicity efforts to create a comprehensive well-off winning atmosphere of public opinion. full play the main role in the site, the network of social organizations, users, etc., to achieve comprehensive management of multi-facilities strategy. Promoting the rule of law in cyberspace oriented, focused sound and comprehensive legal system in cyberspace. advocated by China, China to lead the global network management system program changes.

Central net letter do all responsible comrades, provinces and autonomous regions Network Information Office director, responsible for the central major news sites, the central and state departments and concerned departments attended the meeting.

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