Overseas phone micro-channel open beta: 6 cents per minute

Updated: January 7, 2016  Views: 1

New year, new weather, all walks of life products are beginning to have updates and changes, micro-channel is no exception. In 2011, the company launched Tencent micro-channel program, at the end of last year, its coverage in the country has more than 90% above the smartphone , and in foreign countries, but also provides services to more than 200 countries around the world, striking influence.

As a social software, micro-channel has been very extensive face the service, including, video, pictures and text, shake, drift bottles, circle of friends and so on. With the development of social software, many users have favored in Consumption traffic exchanges, traditional voice calls gradually been ignored, but almost no voice calls may be substituted.

On this basis, the new voice calls billing quietly.

Recently, there are users exposed Overseas micro letter added a new feature - the feature micro-channel phone after clicking will enter the dial-up interface, the user can initiate calls directly through the micro-channel caller addition, the service requires only caller. party networking, the called party without networking, do not even need a micro channel users. The most important point is that the tariff! According to friends test, the micro-channel telephony interface display, calling phone calls to China's tariff is $ 0.99 110 minutes, converted into RMB is about 6 cents per minute, so voice calls sound is not very good!

The micro-channel is opened first, although already have such a function and voice calls on the QQ micro letter, but the operation and micro-channel phone is very different, the micro-channel telephone calls simple and convenient manner and low standard tariff are other social software and operators can not be compared.

Unfortunately, this new feature seems to be still in the beta stage, and is currently only open to the user the United States, Hong Kong and India, domestic users can not use the service. Even the beta is completed, this function it is also implemented in the country is bound to be obstacles, three major domestic carriers are state-owned identity and deep-rooted influence is hard to shake.

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