"Bat super Wars" poster debut in New York, "Batman", "Superman" tear open

Updated: January 7, 2016  Views: 1

1905 World War II movie Reuters << Batman Superman: Justice Dawn >> (hereinafter referred to as World War >> << bat super huge poster recently appeared in New York, and before the single-character posters exposure is the same series, 'Batman' between the 'Superman' movie official LOGO is connected, burst out of the image of the design to make a poster full of dramatic tension.

War >> << bat super famous ticketing website FANDANGO in the System 2016's most anticipated movie chart ranked third, beat Man Granville third stage masterpiece << Captain America 3: Civil War >> (hereinafter referred to as < <3 >> US team, people somewhat unexpected. Although the 2016 superhero movie Gaoshourulin, but whether it is still in the production in its diffuse Wei are far ahead always seems to hold the advantage, the US << Team 3 >> popularity decline indicates superhero movie will generate change in the pattern or from large data, the fans of the film increasingly keen judgment, thousands of special effects shots and explosions will play more and more boring.

>> << Bat in super war, the 'Superman' become a hot controversy, some people think he represents hope, be able to defend the city, but more and more people think Superman to Earth to bring more dangerous, His presence is actually just a threat to human security. For 'Batman', the 'Superman' is undoubtedly a threat to society, but in hostilities when two men entered the white-hot stage of the dark forces are rising third party, they can not no common defeat the evil forces.

Henry Cavill starred in 'Superman', Ben Affleck ornaments 'Batman', Jesse Eisenberg in the film starred villain Lex Luther, the film is scheduled for March 25 release in the United States, is expected to the introduction of mainland China.

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