"Eternal Legend" priests Occupational video

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Sina game news << >> Following the legend eternal warrior, mage, priest profession promotional video late, today the first public exposure. Soul fire breaks, Shi Poison, Invisibility, call animal and other skills through familiar classic Unreal Engine After technological innovations, once again stunning the eye. And through several tests, priests Skills & inscriptions balance adjustment have been identified, Xiao Bian today broke the news related to lead content.

Road, from the natural world, life, kill, save and destruction, are all in Heaven Taoist purpose of Marfa << volume >> Sacred Doyle, only three words: 'Road Non-Road' fingertips sword, slow Song Xu line, between heaven and earth solipsism one person, one dog, Michiya mention here mean? Taoist specializes in fencing and Road Act, the primary practice in one hand and poisoning, with a strong spiritual force as the basis, alone between heaven and earth. They are rare The partners also formidable opponent.

Occupational characteristics: both melee combat and magic abilities assisted remote occupation, can summon pets to assist the attack.

Skill Description:

Heal & group Heal

7 & 33 priests through skill book learning, the release force to restore spiritual strength themselves or others.

Spiritual force tactics

Priests through nine skill book learning, through communication with the spirit of power, the hit rate can be increased when the fighting.

Shi Poison

14 priests through skill book learning, with a special powder can specify a target poisoning.

Soul Fire breaks

18 priests through skill book learning, spiritual force attached to the amulet, a remote target.

Summon Skeleton

19 priests through skill books to learn, use amulet to summon Undead warriors from the depths of hell.

Invisibility & collective Invisibility

20 & 21 priests through skill book learning, the release force around its own spirit, so that monsters can not detect your presence, people can hide within range.

Ghost Shield

22 priests through skill book learning, improve the range of non-use within the amulet enemy magic defense.

Divine Armor surgery

25 priests through skill book learning, improve the range of non-use within the amulet enemy defense.

Sleepy spell

28 priests through skill book learning, is limited because of the invisible monsters incantation situation can only place outside of wandering.

Qigong wave

29 priests through skill book learning An internal strength of the practice, it can be pushed around monsters and self-defense role.

Call animal

35 priests through skill books to learn, use amulet to summon a powerful animal as his entourage.

Promise infuriating

36 priests through skill book learning, the use of natural infuriating raised potential in vivo, instantly doubling their own spiritual power.

Hemophagocytic surgery

47 priests through skill book learning, hit the target damage, the other party can draw their own physical health regeneration, and attacks ignore terrain.

Taoist skill balance adjustment

>> << Legendary eternal priest is one of the first test on the opening of the classic career, after several tests and feedback has been relatively balanced. First, in terms of skills, data, priests continued the tradition of the legendary series is set, the official did not modify this.

Secondly, the refocusing of the skull & animal AI, particularly in relatively dense population monster, suffered during fighting the reaction field which includes priests centered setting range patrol & alert, and optimize targeting of priority, increase chase players speed of moving targets. All in all, Skull & animal that will protect the owner of the first mission, when the host from malicious attacks, the first time in the master side escort.

Finally, the optimization priests attack action and damage the display to ensure it matches the degree of fluency.

In addition, the legendary Skull & animal new design, a variety of crazy pull cool Cock fried modeling days, will meet with the players for the first time in this inscription adjustment.

Taoist inscriptions balance adjustment

During priests get players alike inscriptions in several tests during the inscription expand the breadth and depth of professional skills, around the inscription establishment of a new battle system and gameplay, players worth every priest studied., Planned to be priests Inscription targeted adjustments and enhancements, particularly in terms of skills mechanism more playability.

Inscription Enhancement:

· Spirit spiritual force tactics hit India, while slashing around a target has a chance to launch spiritual impact.

Spiritual force method Dow French and Indian War, the speed increase Kanguai certainly improve the probability of fire breaks soul release frequency, can enhance these effects when equipped special weapons.

Soul fire breaks · character array India, soul fire breaks attack may harm the target soul to win its own energy recovery.

Soul fire breaks · Ling control India, has a chance to hit the enemy fire breaks satisfying control weaknesses, making fire breaks to enhance the power, after special items of equipment can improve the chances.

Soul fire breaks · salamanders India, soul fire breaks release frequency has been improved, certain weapons can be additionally enhance its attack frequency.

Qigong wave · India gas field, a strong air force is sometimes so that the target can not be automated because of internal injuries heal.

Qi Jin qigong wave · noble India, penetrating the soul sometimes hurt objective, it can not automatically reply to magic.

Promise infuriating · Plough India, infuriating can instantly improve physical defense, but will be finished within five seconds attenuation.

Hemophagocytic macrophages heart surgery · India is hemophagocytic surgery to enhance the power and kill the target will explode and damage around the target.

Hemophagocytic surgery · Prodigy India, after the hit the target, there is likely to affect the efficiency of the use of drugs to reply, but had no effect on the prompt return. Can significantly improve the chances of some equipment when worn.

New Skills inscription:

· Ling Feng Shi Poison India, produced a similar damage when fire breaks soul Shi Poison hit the target.

Shi Poison · Lingyun India, props from the shackles of spiritual power can be used to cast a curse on the target so that the target of the two drugs at the same time the body.

Shi Poison · Lingyu India, call themselves after poisoning, summons him long to maintain toxic effects, there is the probability of its attack additional effect of the poisoning.

· Groundhog Day summon skeletons India, there is the probability of dangerous moments, become Undead king, but after some time become to go back, and there is a weak period and will not be turned during.

Ghost Shield · Spirit to bring India, can automatically and continuously released and the Holy Ghost Armor Shield surgery.

· Call animal blood beast, priests can summon increase physical attack power of the animal, with distinctive fighting skills.

Call animal · reveal and India, has a chance to summon the ability to fire more powerful animal, equip certain weapons, it can greatly improve the chances.

In the Legends series, priests its special professional orientation and varied gameplay successfully attracted many fans, has become legendary timeless << >> designed to push one of the main occupations. Unreal next-generation technology to give those 'old skills' new visual impact, innovation and change inscriptions system, bringing the ever-changing combat experience. willing Skull life go hand in hand with the Tao, present and accompanied by respect for the animal and the road, so << >> legendary eternal with you there or be square.

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