Tsu fifth meeting of urban and rural planning and management committee

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Original title: Tsu held the fifth meeting of Town and Country Planning and Administration Commission

Meeting site Red Net Tsu Station on December 8 (correspondent Zhang Fangjun) December 3, the fifth meeting of Urban Planning Committee Tsu City building housing the Bureau of the fourth floor conference room, the meeting focused on reviewing the << Administrative Center planning and design >>, << new Qianzhou reform work shed and car Yin Square planning >> five project proposals.

Vice Mayor Li Jingfeng chaired the meeting. At the meeting, the project design unit in turn reported the government center planning and design << >>, << new Qianzhou reform work shed East Hunan landscaping, car Yin Culture Square plan >> , to change the program of work shed ferry town << >>, << Jia bridge canopy change office work Dan Jin Village community design plan >> and << Mauri Lake National Wetland Park brand planning design and construction Conception >> programs, planning and other units of the participating departments were responsible comments and observations on the specific projects and programs.

Tsu city leaders Jiang positive before, weekly work table, Xu Xingting, Dengkai Quan, Li Jingfeng, Wang Wenjun proposals in his speech on the specific work respectively.

Tsu Municipal Committee, acting mayor Chen Jie, after careful review of the project plan for each specific projects proposed guidance, he stressed that the central government should adhere to high standards of planning, and further optimize the design, the overall style should be coordinated with the surrounding environment, strive solemn, functional layout to maximize the convenience of the public service, on the new continent town shed change and car Yin Square building, Chen Jie, according to the requirements of the project design units to gauge the views of the Commission, to further improve the program, all units and departments should actively support the projects, policy, and funding levels to give full support to accelerate the progress of the project on the Dan Tianjin Community Village building, Chen Jie asked the relevant departments to strengthen the funding and project preparatory work scheduling, optimization project construction environment, about Mao Lake brand planning, Chen Jie designed unit carefully considered in the creative, he proposed Mauri Lake Wetland Park construction should be 'casual, relaxed' as the theme, to avoid adding too dignified cultural elements, to design clever logo and a natural kind of slogan, lifting Mauri Lake Wetland visibility and attractiveness.

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