"Al Wars" evaluation no longer have to worry about Z68 batter

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2011 << >> Elsword its Japanese screen style, to show the whole story animation, 3D horizontal version of fighting set at the beginning of the game on the line will be subject to many players love the action. After a lapse of four years, the Korean company KOG authorization, Kunlun game's Noah's Ark studio developing its hand tour version << >> Al Wars will also open external testing. at the start end of the tour, and now hand travel version, the game retains much of the essence of the content and classic roles, while simplifying the corresponding game action content, so that our 'ZZZ668' more easily compared to end tour version, for the love of Japanese Man action game players and white players are a good choice.

As a side tour of adaptations, Al Wars << >> in the story and occupation is designed with << >> Elsword strain, six energy stone 'Airy Oswald continent' on indispensable, elves , human mutual cooperation. knight Yisuo De, Master Aisha, veteran striker Lena three classic roles open the first time, I heard that a future version will open Eve, Lei Wen and other remaining six roles.

Of course, compared to the end of the tour, the role of appearance style is also non-static, lovely shape Al Wars << >> in baby face big eyes sprouting more suitable for mass aesthetic .Live3D-Avatar technology applications, making the game a double role 11 facelift effect, so you can play the same home as the end of the tour to create personalized characters appearance while unlocking conditions more fashion game also allows players to be more dynamic. Duanyou as aspects of the same scene, using a multi-angle 3D technology, but as limited by the size of the phone screen, the scene change when there will be a significant acceleration effect, so that the role of the movement rhythm suddenly changes.

BOSS tyrants body effect

Battle screen can be fully inherited the end of the tour of the set. Skills mainly red and blue contrast solid color rendering more obvious, while the apparent attack tips and more flexible operation setting, so the picture looks very intense battle. Fight Pugong, method of attack and other sound strong contrast, the player can clearly distinguish between .BGM set, though more popular, but because of the animation into a sense of the story, so it can give players left a more profound impression.

Role establishment

Multi-reel game compared to the scene on the map to set most of the very version of action games and more attention to the longitudinal sense of the level, players can double-click the jump button to jump up to a height Sec, dodge skills or collect scattered at high altitude gold, etc. And part of the map is to use a sense of up and down the gap, allowing the player to feel the 'fly' to stimulate the feeling of fighting, such as the Wind Shrine, even standing on the top role may also be blown off, so the need to stop the use of wind power to fly to center of the map, another example Caruso tribe, players can take advantage of wind power to the delivery point fly high office.

Family setting

In operation >> << Al Wars with a common 'virtual joystick + skill button' setting, simple and straightforward skill set mix of segments attack effect, end tour << Elsword for >> to be regarded as a change in the end of the tour << >> Elsword players pursue batter is built on the button with the action on the control of the rhythm skills, Pugong, Mogong direction combines unlimited players but release even strokes effects, such as occupational z is physical attack, and zzz8z, zzz2z is physical attack batter operations (x is Mogong in Al Wars << >> in significantly simplifies a lot about the direction of the key changes and danced, batter into a sub-set of skills, players unlocked by upgrading the current skill level skill set subsequent strokes even though the effect of the lack of direction keys batter participation, but is still subject to continuous skills release the arrow keys control especially when kill BOSS, players pediment, dodge, also need to pursue certain operations simply can not use full automatic battle by Samsung.

Fashion 'setback ice machine'

Currently each job in one of four active skills, and each skill can be unlocked by upgrading to the highest five results, each layer will enhance the additional effects. In Shooter Shooter Lena, for example, 'multiple arrows' can provide multistage damage and knock effect, 'Meteor Dance' provides a critical displacement dodge, 'cohesion blow' need guidance but provides a very high poison damage subsequent appropriate essential skills combo. So compared to the end swim despite the elimination of complex combo set, but this made sense of the operation and the fight against flu is also quite good, especially in the face of BOSS continuous jumping to escape and air release skills. Compared to the current market most of the horizontal version of mobile games, games not only fast and exciting on the battle rhythm, but also in fighting form, showing its own unique characteristics, the pursuit of operations for the players who also have a greater challenge and appeal.

Hierarchical scene layout

Although the cross-action game in hand and not a few number of trips, but with full-screen 3D settings and simplified combo skills set, Al Wars << >> still exhibits its own distinctive characteristics And inherited from the end of the tour of the story and roles is so many experienced players are willing to re-try the hand tour version.

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