Hope haze disappointed? Sina environmental send car air purifier

Updated: December 8, 2015  Views: 0

Haze came and went, and left again. Its hope in the fog and haze disappointed, as surly understand anti-haze tactics.

Haze strikes, anti-haze masks almost a standard.

There are enthusiastic users test several common masks PM2.5 detector using six different masks made of detection.

Filtering effect without breathing valve masks 3M best, PM2.5 filtration rate of 96.5%

Ordinary masks, the filtering effect of the most obvious is the disposable medical care masks, filter effects, 47.1 percent,

The people most commonly used cotton masks, filter effects, and only 17.3 percent.

Walking outdoors by masks, car anti-haze must rely on car air purifier!

Red warning struck heavy haze days, Sina environmental send car air purifier, who at any time to purify the air around you, do your intimate air steward.


You simply download the APP scan code and apply to participate in the APP, you have a chance to experience the 'car air purifier,' the power!

We will select the lucky users a day, continuous extraction for 10 days, a total of 10 sets of car air purifier to send! give away! give away!

Scan Fanger Wei code to participate in sweepstakes:

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