"Grandpa city" behind the production of the story to illustrate the application Photo Added iOS

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Contact Lumino City << >> grandfather city's players certainly are clear, the game is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the game with real paper film production scene. In this era of efficiency first, it is hard to imagine an independent game studio, in order to making games and it took a full three years to build a model, and now, we can a product called The Making of Lumino City << story >> grandfather city production applications, to learn more about this magnificent story building model.

This is a city by the grandfather << >> State of Play Games developers produced by the application of electronic interactive books, recorded the city to build the entire manual detailed process, the purpose is to let the fans know more about their favorite warm 'city . '

<< Grandpa city making story >> detail with pictures, text, videos, etc., to introduce this 'craftsman' team is a step by step how to build refined aesthetic details Zhimo city, starting from the design sketches, to model the playing board , painted, power, and then to shoot the scene, imagine these steps, only to toss away a game, it is now hard to imagine a computer a 3D software will be able to get something, but it was dedicated to the In reality it out by hand.

After playing the game, and then looked at my grandfather's city produced << >> in depicting the true story of the picture, maybe you will be more fantasy puzzle game << >> grandfather city and moving, which is currently used in District AppStore as a free download, although only in English, but did not affect the experience, like the players can not miss.

Download: point I

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