Translation Horse Network and translation BaoLian reached a strategic cooperation, join hands to create a new model of translation

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Original title: Translation and Translation BaoLian horse network reached a strategic cooperation, join hands to create a new model of translation

October 28, 2015, translated Ma Po Science and Technology Network and translated jointly announced a strategic cooperation, the two sides in the 'equality and mutual benefit, complementarity' principle, to achieve high-quality resource sharing, strengthen the core competitiveness of both parties, to work together, to get through the translation industry upstream and downstream management channels, and create a new model of management in the translation industry.

Translation Horse net strong rise

It is understood that the translation horse network is designed for small translation company, translation team, translators tailored online-assisted translation platform. August 15, 2015 on the line, it offers free online assisted translation, project management, team management and corpus management and other services to attract a large number of small and medium translation companies and freelance translators. short period of less than three months, net effective translation horse had exceeded 20,000 registered users, can be described as rapid development.

Translation Founder and CEO Zhang Ma Ma said that in the traditional mode of operation translation, translation companies often encounter difficulties corpus reuse cycle tight, difficult operating software, internal and external collaboration difficult, translation style inconsistencies and other issues, and translators also will encounter terminology queries cumbersome, computer crashes data loss, typesetting time-consuming, costly problems supporting software, based on this, the translation horse ChinaNet assisted translation platform came into being, we focus on helping to improve translation efficiency and reduce translation costs.

Translation Ma Po Science and Technology Network and translation of strategic cooperation

Translation BaoLian Technology CEO Qin Xiaoting said quite optimistic about the development prospects of the horse network translation, translation horse network as a production tool nature online assisted translation platform, in large measure to solve difficult issues such as collaborative translation. The translation of Science and Technology Po where's a flagship product - for the whole Chinese translation of the company's full-line management platform 'eTIMS' (Translator Integrated Management System platform), to solve the translation company's standardized management, process-oriented jobs, and various types of analytical reports for decision-making, It combines OA, ERP, CRM, HR functions in one. Qinxiao Ting expressed eTIMS will be completed and translated horses seamless network, to achieve from order to production to delivery of the whole system connection, open up the upstream and downstream passage translation management and production industry create translation industry new management model.

Now, orders for translation of Prolink Technology eTIMS will be directly transferred to the translation of horse online production operations, the two companies have said CEO attaches great importance to this model, which is to create a harmonious ecosystem translated an important step, and the two The company will continue to the National Strategy 'along the way' to provide translation support services and planning will have to cooperate more projects in the future. This document contains text, images and audio and video data, all copyrights are the Qilu Evening News, any media, websites or individuals shall not be reproduced without authorization, and offenders will be held accountable according to the law. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.