Simple sight: USD continue to rise again exposed edge

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Continued dollar index yesterday closed candle, open up the victory of the situation. Beautiful housing market data as well as Williams's hawkish remarks as dollar bulls warmth again. By the constraints of the euro area is expected to further relax monetary policy, the euro lackluster commodity currencies in Chinese GDP After the data has been short-term strength, then some weaker across the board after a concussion. commodities trading hours in the United States also opened the decline, crude oil and copper are being tumbled.

GDP increased by 6.9 percent year on year China's third quarter, the lowest level since the financial crisis hit. However, although the data was better than market expectations, then other data released yesterday but had cause for heart health concerns. Slowdown of the Chinese economy status at a glance, the first the fourth quarter of the central bank [microblogging] RRR rate cut almost certain, while monetary policy is not the solution to the problem eventually victorious magic, are available but not to abuse the euro area after the implementation of quantitative easing, the economic recovery did have. Then when they did tighten is a problem in view of the recent economic downturn in the performance of the euro zone, the market would have forecast the ECB to further relax monetary policy in the next, and this is where the market worries. euro's recent strength is difficult, not unrelated to the expectations.

From the core CPI to rise NAHB housing index and beautiful, the US economy finally showing off the positive side. However, overall, the US economy has not reached the expected level. This is to some extent put pressure on the Fed to raise interest rates despite the moment Fed officials are still many out hawkish remarks, however discerning eye can see, the Fed raising interest rates during the year probability is not high. market changes in the market, after all, the dollar is always better than a practical measure to raise interest rates faster.

EUR / USD Analysis

The daily chart, the euro weakened for three consecutive days, short mood was, below the support level of 1.1300, there is return 55 days MA (1.1232 might .1 hour chart, the dollar shock downstream, below the 205 moving average support, through the formation of 55 MA 205 MA 'Sicha' bearish market outlook 1.1341,1.1355,1.1390 ,, above resistance below support 1.1300-1.1305,1.1260,1.1232, short-term CBBC line 1.1300 operational recommendations: 1 backtesting 1.1355 resistance area can not break up, admission short, stop 1.1380, target 1.1305,1.1260.2. below 1.1300 admission chasing empty, stop 1.1325, target 1.1260,1.1232.

GBP / USD Analysis

The daily chart, the pound Zuoshou small candle, the exchange rate is still below the inflection pressure line, if Powei days up, we go further attention long concern below 55 MA (.1 hour chart support near 1.5417, the market to the main shock, no clear trend, 28 average, 55 average adhesion occurs, the position above the resistance area at 1.5460 1.5500-1.5510,1.5563,1.5600 below short-term support 1.5460,1.5417,1.5380 CBBC line 1.5460 operational recommendations:... a breakthrough into 1.5510 field, with a stop 1.5480, target 1.5563,1.5600.2. below 1.5460 admission short, stop 1.5490, target 1.5417,1.5380.

AUD / USD Analysis

The daily chart, the Australian dollar finished lower yesterday, closing out the candles on the lead long Yinxian form, Kongfangliliang advantage, investors long have some difficulty .1 hour chart, clearly Guaitou near 55 Day SMA (0.7278, bearish trend. 0.7280,0.7300,0.7340 above resistance below support 0.7240,0.7227,0.7180, short-term CBBC line 0.7280 operational recommendations: do not break the 0.7280 admission short, stop 0.7310, target 0.7240,0.7180.

Gold analysis

The daily chart, following the gold received a 'Evening Star' was recorded after yesterday Yinxian, increased prices may weaken further, investors the opportunity to focus on short rallies mainly .1 hours chart, 28 SMA, 55 average short order, short-term downward trend to maintain good overhead resistance 1173,1176, 1168,1164,1155 short-term CBBC line below the support 1173. Operational recommendations: do not break the 1173 rallies short, stop 1174 area, the target bit 1164,1155.

Simple sight

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