ENTREPRENEUR intelligent life mixed base on the 22nd issue

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 20

After the sharp correction in the market, A-share to pick up again in early October, most of the investment strategy or organization in October turned to attack: the inflection point of actively looking faces growing emerging growth industry leading enterprises, as well as capable of good industry in the wave of mergers and acquisitions integration, cross-border restructuring of enterprises in which to grow, Chinese Entrepreneurs Fund [microblogging] is particularly optimistic about the development trend of 'intelligent life' related industries and topics, drawn on October 22 issued a new group - ENTREPRENEUR Smart Life Flexible Allocation Fund in order to help investors to share the road with economies in transition in the market outlook, structural opportunities.

Public information, the Chamber fund focuses on intelligent life is closely related to people's daily life needs of enterprises and industries, through in-depth study and actively investing in the quality of listed companies associated with intelligent life, sharing its development and growth opportunities, and strive to obtain excess returns and long-term capital appreciation proportion in which the Fund's equity assets accounted for 0-95% of fund assets, and to invest in the direction of intelligent life shares of listed companies is not less than 80% of non-cash assets of the Fund the same time, fund managers will pay close attention macroeconomic policy, through the economic growth indicators, study the economic structure, social needs and the main market drivers, and dig out long-term investment opportunities in the transition economy.

Insiders said that, from a macro point of view, just past September, macroeconomic data continued to show a weak trend, the downturn in the economic data, policy Heart care of increasingly strong, steady growth is expected to continue to introduce measures, while thirteen five planning upcoming credit assets pledged to promote the pilot refinancing and other good news has been a wave of pre-formed waves in the market to promote the stock market rebounded from the capital market, the early part of the high valuation of stocks has been adjusted to repair, try to leverage work nearing completion Market risk appetite began to rise slowly, and the bull market is different careers shock city picking more difficult, require investors to shift thinking: 'Storytelling, by hot spots' will eventually be back to 'meet the actual development and transformation of the fundamentals of the company' up , while Chinese businessmen intelligent life related industries closer to life, conform to the trend of countries in transition reform and innovation, investment opportunities more easily grasp it. (Liu Xia Village)

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