"Approaching US airspace that?"

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 47

According to the Shenzhen Daily News BEIJING, news, Taiwan China Airlines flight from Taipei to Los Angeles on the 7th flight, a simple surname Taiwanese pregnant women produce in flight. China Airlines flight attendants before it broke, the unborn children of pregnant women to let a US citizen, 36 weeks of pregnancy actually conceal checkpoints fly to the United States, was a flight attendant found a different lie to say belly flatulence, six hours after takeoff refused to rupture the amniotic fluid born, asking: '? approaching US airspace yet' last in the Pacific Ocean gave birth to daughter. 17 evening, the women were sent back to Taiwan, newborn baby girl remained in the United States to accept care.

China Airlines broke the news that a former flight attendant in the face book, Jane woman from boarding until the machines are using a cover, the front of the machine yet to take off, she appeared in pain, flight attendants found the woman pregnant, but she insisted that flatulence, takeoff after the beginning of labor pains continued.

Former flight attendant also said Jane women are the first two births are Caesarean US citizenship, must naturally produced when water broke, there are mothers experience taught her how hard the crew on board hearing the assistance of a female physician, pregnant women need to know a few weeks pregnant, 'The result has been 36 weeks actually!' 'She also insisted would be late, refused to lie down next life, when the fetal head has a top vaginal opening to the uterus, she also plug back child', 'and refused to give the doctor cut the umbilical cord, while also ask US airspace to yet. '

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau Public Relations Department of Homeland Security Ministry spokesman said the pregnant woman to the United States is not illegal, but if you are fraudulently obtain a visa, would constitute a criminal offense. Under the law, if it is 12 miles in the United States the land (equivalent production within 19 km range, there will be US citizenship, while the baby is in the plane before arrival Alaska Anchorage born half an hour, was still on the high seas suspected, probably can not get US citizenship, and still on the Taiwan aircraft , as an extension of 'land' and therefore more likely to still be 'Taiwanese.'

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