Overnight Global Markets Overview: US stocks edged up oil prices drop

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The three major New York stock market indexes closed slightly up on the 19th

Xinhua news, the three major New York stock market index closed up slightly on the 19th the market focused on the same day the United States in 2015 third-quarter earnings season. Investment bank Morgan Stanley on the 19th before opening the company's third quarter earnings release, quarterly revenue and earnings were less than investors expect. As the day of closing, the company fell 4.83 percent over the previous day to close at $ 32.31 per share.

Thomson Reuters statistics show, has been reported third quarter earnings of S & P 500 constituent companies, 71% of the company's earnings were better than market expectations, 43% of company revenues higher than the market valuation.

Thomson Reuters expected the latest S & P 500 stocks this year's third quarter earnings fell 3.9%, operating income fell 3.7%.

The same day the United States there was no important economic data release, investors will focus turned to the latest data from China's National Bureau of Statistics released on the 19th. After preliminary accounting, in the first three quarters of China's gross domestic product (GDP) grew 6.9%.

New York Stock Exchange [microblogging] senior trader Stephen Guilfoyle in a report of the day, said the third quarter GDP data, while China recently released its lowest level since 2009, but well worth attention is The data is still better than market expectations.

As of the day of closing, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index over the previous trading day up 14.57 points to close at 17,230.54 points, or 0.08%. Standard & Poor's 500-stock index edged up 0.55 points to close at 2033.66 points, or 0.03%. Nas Nasdaq [microblogging] composite index rose 18.78 points to close at 4905.47 points, or 0.38 percent.

London stock market fell on the 19th

London's FTSE stock market << >> 100 stock average price index closed 6,352.33 points 19 daily, compared with the previous session down 25.71 points, down 0.40 percent.

London stock market rose five stocks the day before, the Hill Pharmaceutical shares rose 2.55 percent, catering company Compass Group shares rose 1.71%, Hikma Pharmaceuticals shares rose 1.69 percent, the cruise company Carnival Corporation shares rose 1.59 percent, Barclays shares rose 1.54%.

Day mining stocks fell significantly, down the top five are mining stocks, Anglo American shares fell 7.37%, Glencore shares fell 5.17 percent, Antofagasta fell 3.45%, the precious metal manufacturer 弗雷尼斯洛 stock It fell 3.29 percent, BHP Billiton fell 2.97 percent.

The same day two other European major indexes were up, Paris CAC40 stock index closed at 4704.07 points, compared with previous trading day up 1.28 points, or 0.03 percent, Frankfurt, Germany, the DAX index closed at 10,164.31 points, compared with previous trading day up 59.88 points, or 0.59 percent.

Gold fell in New York on the 19th

Affected by factors such as rising dollar, the New York price of gold fell on the 19th.

On the New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures market was the most active December gold fell $ 10.3 of lower than the previous trading day to close at $ 1,172.8 an ounce, down 0.87%.

Market analysts believe that the dollar weighed on dollar-denominated gold prices, coupled with profit-taking, so that the same day the New York gold prices fell.

The same day, in December 2015 delivery silver futures fell 27.3 cents to settle at $ 15.841 an ounce, down 1.69%, in January 2016 delivery gold futures fell $ 9.1 to close at $ 1,014.6 an ounce, down 0.89%.

International oil prices fell on the 19th

By the stronger dollar and the global oversupply of crude oil, the international oil prices fell sharply on the 19th.

US dollar against most major currencies on the 19th rising dollar reduces the attractiveness of dollar-denominated oil investment.

Excess market for crude oil supply concerns linger. IEA oil market report released last week pointed out that low oil prices boosted demand for crude oil is weakening, global oil demand growth is expected next year will slow.

Libya's national oil company responsible person 19, said the country's current daily oil production is only 44 million barrels, the situation can be improved if civil unrest, can significantly increase productivity.

Market attention will market the OPEC meeting of experts held on 21 May in Vienna, including Russia, Brazil, including some non-OPEC oil-producing countries will also send representatives to participate in the market forecast, the parties at the meeting to reach an agreement on controlling production unlikely.

As of the date of closing, the New York Mercantile Exchange, light sweet crude for November delivery futures fell $ 1.37 to settle at $ 45.89 a barrel, down 2.9%. December delivery London Brent crude futures fell $ 1.85 , to close at $ 48.61 a barrel, down 3.67%.

US dollar against most major currencies on the 19th rise

Xinhua news, the US dollar against most major currencies on the 19th rose that day US economic data was better than expected US National Association of Home Builders released report shows that in October the US home builders confidence index rose to 64, for the past decade the highest value, and higher than market expectations of 62, indicating that most builders optimistic about prospects for home sales.

ECB monetary policy meeting [microblogging] 21 will open a two-day, the market generally improved for the European Central Bank will expand stimulus measures expected. Affected by the euro against the dollar fell on the 19th.

Measure of the dollar against six major currencies, the dollar index rose 0.41 percent the day, Yao City in the foreign exchange market rose to 94.924.

As New York trading Yao City, 1 euro exchange $ 1.1326, down from $ 1.1374 the previous day, British pound $ 1.5467, higher than the $ 1.5452 the previous day, 1 Australian dollar $ 0.7252, down from the previous session $ 0.7278.

Dollar 119.43 yen, higher than the previous day's 119.40 yen, dollar 0.9560 Swiss francs, higher than the previous day's 0.9516 Swiss francs, dollar 1.3023 Canadian dollars, higher than the previous session 1.2911 Canadian dollars.

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