One yuan financial products are not extinct Internet platform 108% subsidy income Showmanship

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'One yuan purchase' bank financing has not yet extinct part of the Internet platform 108% subsidy income Showmanship

Wherein a platform >> << Securities Daily, said he was not consignment of financial products and banking cooperation, but the user delegated to purchasing financial products, this business is similar to ticket purchasing business

Our reporter Mao Yu Zhou

Internet banking platform 'one dollar buy' walking a fine line of bank financing situation still exists, even in the proceeds subsidies worse.

Since last year, the name of the bank to buy financial products, trust products, financial platform buy banner sprung up in people's sight, these sites sell basic financial products and banking official website updated simultaneously. And unlike banks is that the investment those who do not because of the high threshold for bank 50,000 yuan of financial products and feel shy bladder, from a dollar to buy so many ordinary investors feel the benefits and convenience.

However, according to the CBRC regulations, customers buy financial products should be subject to a risk assessment, the bank signed a financial agreement and other basic processes, and later through the bank sales channel. In other words, the current financial products must be sold through banks. July, 10 ministries << publish guidance on the promotion of the healthy development of Internet banking >>, but because of the implementation details have not yet introduced, one dollar financial platform still has not been regulated.

<< Securities Daily >> reporter found that, unlike previously, these platforms will repatriate most of the financial threshold consistent with the bank $ 50,000, but still retains several hot-selling of financial products, 'one yuan for sale' in order to attract Investors particularly worth noting that, unlike the previous part of the platform will attract investors to subsidize part of the income, so income is higher than the bank sales channel platform product sales compared to the case of higher subsidies recently these platforms, some platforms subsidy income and even reached 108 percent of bank earnings.

Questioned, 'one dollar buy' no bank authorized funds set just investors to buy financial products, then the name of the platform in the bank to buy, in fact, at risk. In this regard, a customer on the Internet banking platform << Securities Daily >> Reporter gives his own interpretation, saying that a similar mode of operation with such examples refer ticket purchasing services.

Part one yuan financial products are reserved

Treasure from the balance [microblogging] Release begin with a low threshold of idle funds investment banking, major Internet platform began to explore how to make people's effective use of idle funds, however, in recent years, P2P platform problems emerge, allowing some investors to play from backing out. Data show that in September 2015, the national new P2P platform 56 issues as of the end of September 2015, the national platform issue cumulative number reached 1,115.

The bank financing, though they have good credit endorsement, but its $ 50,000 threshold to block a lot of investors, thus, did not want to attract sufficient capital investment bank financial products to customers, there are some platforms to move on this threshold from the brain.

'Sir money' is the earliest one yuan to buy financial products platform, initially hit a dollar financial management, and as the CBRC << Commercial Bank financial product sales management approach >> requirements of customers buy financial products should be subject to risk assessment, and the Bank signed finance agreement and other basic processes, and later through the bank sales channel, etc., qualified platform is being questioned.

Subsequently, 'Mr. Qian 'announcement that it is an innovative financial search engine technology as the core of high-tech Internet financial services platform, with the qualification, continued acceptance inspection and supervision of the relevant departments, the business is completely legal. Financial assistance platform user investment funds to invest in a clear, clear, all corresponding to the real and effective financial products, and many times to accept the authority of the department spot checks, not the presence of some malicious fabrication 'illegal fund-raising', 'fiction target', 'financial fraud' and other issues.

Recently, << Securities Daily >> reporter browser platform found that most financial products threshold of the platform has been restored to 50,000 yuan, but still retains a small amount 'of money to buy a piece of financial management' features its promotion of China Zheshang Bank issued Yongle financial 2015 Section 136 C, paragraph (individual customers exclusive), still a yuan for sale, investment period of 175 days, the expected annual yield of 5.2%. The reporter View Zheshang Bank's official website found that its sale purchase threshold of the same product for $ 50,000.

Coincidentally, after being questioned in various aspects, multi Wealth Management also restored most of the purchase threshold of financial products, but it also retains a one dollar financial products, not only that, the platform also their own money to subsidize product revenue.

Nanjing Bank purchased at the platform - day enrichment 1401 products, the annual yield of up to 8%, and in fact, can be seen from the official website of Bank of Nanjing, which products in the average yield of less than 4% in September, in banking platform gives 3.85% annualized rate of return, together with an indication platform subsidies 4.15%, this calculation, subsidies reached a staggering 108%.

Bank rate network data, a total of 907 banks last week of RMB non-structural products for sale, the average expected rate of return of 4.49%, which is expected to yield 5 products of more than 6%, accounting for the total amount of non-structured financial products yuan 0.55% rate of return above the platform subsidies, compared with conventional financial products, up nearly 80%.

Platform distribution channels is denied

According to the CBRC << Commercial Bank financial product sales management approach >> regulations, sales of financial products starting amount of not less than 50,000 yuan a single customer, the customer first before purchasing financial products to be risk tolerance assessment, sales of commercial bank financial products nor any delegation and outsourcing.

For financial product sales threshold, the CBRC also have clearly defined, risk rating for the primary and secondary financial products, the starting point for the amount of not less than 50,000 yuan, three and four shall not be less than 10 million, not less than five 20 million.

In these platforms will be moved to its own financial products sales platform, there are a number of banks have issued a statement to disassociate themselves with it. For example, Bohai Bank said in a statement, never with 'Qian' Web site to carry out any form of business cooperation, has never authorized any third party to sell the line of financial products. And this year, there have been Bank of Communications, Agricultural Bank of China, Beijing Bank, Guangdong Development Bank [microblogging], etc. have issued to clarify the announcement in the official website, and 'Qian' stay out, and remind investors vigilant to guard against risks.

Wang Qian Rong 360 financial analysts, 'said a dollar buy' does not actually bank authorized capital investors to buy financial products is the platform set up in the name of the platform in the bank to buy, this is risky.

However, the voice of the outside world, the platform also has its own interpretation. Support staff << Securities Daily >> reporter, said Mr. Qian distribution channels are not financial products, and not to cooperate with the bank consignment of financial products, but to accept the user's trust , purchasing financial products. with similar examples of this mode of operation can refer ticket purchasing agent, although the Ministry of Railways has not been authorized, there is still a considerable number of web platform providing ticket purchasing services, and purchasing services do not need RAILWAY authorized unit, just trust relationship between the user and can be formed.

However, << Securities Daily >> reporter in the interview process found that although sales customer service platform in the customer consultation process platform business model will be introduced, but did not prompt any risk.

Wealth of general interest researcher Mou Xin believes that despite the emerging Internet financial innovation enough to attract the attention of investors, but as an investor, the need for such products are clear enough to understand, seeing it brings 'welfare' at the same time, should consider the risks behind it invisible, not to blindly make investment choices. At the same time, the situation is increasingly innovative Internet banking platform 'step on the line,' more and more prominent regulatory boundaries, urgent regulators issued new regulations restricting legal fight behind innovation 'edge ball' behavior. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.