Insiders: medical wisdom huge space for future investments

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 48

October 19, the 'wisdom of the medical' industry investment by the 'China Science and Technology High-tech Zone financial information service platform,' hosted by sharing salon held in Shenzhen Bay Ventures Square, listed companies, Internet start-ups of hundreds of medical guests from institutional investors participate in activities, on how to combine medical and health development of the Internet industry, the investment value of the wisdom of the medical industry hot topics to share and exchange. activities, Guoxin Securities analyst pharmaceutical industry Dengzhou Yu, vice president Shangguan Yongqiang Haihong Holdings, high particularly good investment Group senior researcher Li Guolin and other industry professionals, Dimei Tai, deer walking in the forefront of the industry doctors and other medical wisdom founders on their respective areas of research and practical experience have been the theme of sharing.

'Non-invasive wearable health status monitoring in the prevention level, low cost, easy to implement, can carry the characteristics of motion monitoring, sleep monitoring, solid-state monitoring, cognitive monitoring, excretion and so many wearable monitoring devices go in this direction development. 'Dr. Cao Yang Di Meitai founder scene said.

About the wisdom of the medical future investment opportunities, GTJA Investment Group senior researcher Li Guolin considered in three phases, pre mainly doctors and patients demand mainly pain points, followed by the integration of the user entry, while customer demand as the core to form a vertical depth of excavation of user platforms coexist with the large user platform competition, the latter is formed with the patient as the core value of mining and meet the coexistence of multi-platform, brand conjoined doctors and doctors, hospitals and third party testing center for the tri-polar ecosystem.

The event is one of the 'national public entrepreneurial innovation Peoples Week' activities in Shenzhen venue. It is reported that 'industry sub Salon' series of activities, 'Chinese science and technology high-tech zone financial information service platform' launch investment and financing service activities brand, each Events Featured market hot topics through expert lectures, case discussions, experience sharing, and other forms of interaction for venture capital institutions, listed companies, industry experts, business enterprises, intermediary organizations build communication, social, learning platform. The the 'wisdom of the medical' as the theme of the event is the fourth, previously has focused the 'Listed Companies + PE', 'genetic testing + capital market', 'Education + Internet' and other hot topics.

It is understood that the user organizers' financial information service platform China Science and Technology High-tech Zone 'can watch the event video playback on the Internet. The platform is' SME growth roadmap 2.0 'Network platform roadshow docking functions and services window, by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange [microblogging] Shenzhen Securities Information Company in charge of its operation. The platform through the Internet platform and mobile client, set up a professional video broadcast systems, providing 'live + online' roadshow solutions to achieve scientific and technological innovation and corporate finance between demand and investment institutions prefer personalized, customized intelligent matching and precision push, to build economic, efficient and transparent investment and financing information docking platform. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.