3 year-old girl was traced to nursery chef sexual assault POLICE seven months after intervention

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Recently, Sina microblogging account 'to protect an injured child,' published in 'year-old girl suffered sexual abuse,' Bowen, the large number of social concerns raised after forwarding. The case public security organs have consistently attached great importance to and actively investigating, trying to collect evidence. Currently, the Investigating the case is in full swing.

Source: Goose Branch Xi'an Public Security Bureau official microblogging

October 22, 2015, microblogging account 'to protect an injured child' published 'year-old girl suffered sexual abuse,' Bowen, reads as follows:

Also - a fair child sexual abuse

This happened again the Pearl of Shaanxi Education Group, a subsidiary of kindergarten.

Happened again in 2015. Children start school, it has been called 'ass hurts.' My mother always thought it was lit and caused until the child when urinating pain Ku Chu voice, you can find that there are several above her labia gaping wound, the wound is large, and some swelling.

After examination, the diagnosis: 'vulva: labia minora visible outside of the right side of a 0.3 * 1.0cm skin lacerations, labia seen at the joint after a break of about 0.3 * 1.0cm skin,' mucosal flushing, 'and then they alarm through. identification, probably as a result content 'children the labia area damaged by an external force caused by a hard object, possibly Yin, hands, and other than a hard object caused the children the labia area causing minor injuries.'

The police investigation, after two children identified (nursery chef is to hurt her. Now no Procuratorate arrest, simply because too little evidence the suspect population has been denied, and even said he did not even see the children have not seen the police !!! the case up to now not the slightest progress, so far, or to maintain the crime at the time of the case investigation and evidence collection.

I am very sad, but I am bitter reason, because nothing more than my toddler in kindergarten harm suffered.

Violations in China a lot, but I never thought that this would happen in my daughter. She ah how small, small enough to only three years old, three years old ah! ! ! What a tender figures. Carnal, how the word sounds sad. At least she does not understand, can only have been telling me, Dad, I pain in the ass! ! !

When I asked the children why the pain, she just told me that kindergartens have an uncle with 'ass beat his ass,' the teacher saw it, the bad teacher uncle off (but the teacher said in testimony, the day did not see the teacher actually afraid to testify again !!! when I asked her specifically when used carefully what hit her, she was pointing to my genital area, let me grief, anger is more to be added. whenever I think of this, I want to kill him.

Do I let the media can only intervene in order to make the people suffer from moral condemnation yet! ! Not ah, she is too small, if I let it exposed, that she later sensible, and others are aware of it, pointing to her, so I can not imagine. As a father, I want to put as much as possible minimize harm to the child.

I carefully pondering this matter, in fact, in the final analysis, are the result of our country in this regard is also wrong legal gaps.

These abnormal man, lawlessness, devoid of conscience, to the young man accused of causing great bodily injury and trauma, and here I want all who hurt the family, all the kids mother father are able to add my q group 495,424,506, let us unite our strength to make up for legal gaps in this area. we are also a fair young children, give each child a love of a mother to say. they also so small, they still do not understand anything. children Why they are not even a sorry! ! ! We must unite to make them abnormal, a young child can start brute justice. Hope that all personnel can help our people can join the group, and then this first thanked all those good intentions.

Secondly, I would like to call our deputies and other interested persons to pay attention to this matter, to make the relevant legal blank why the child can not be identified evidence? Although they do not understand anything, but I believe that their identification is the most primitive, they do not lie, so can be used as evidence. considering the really young children, and other details described in terms of accuracy, unlike ordinary people, so I hope that the appropriate requirements of the standard lower their testimony in accordance with << observations on sexual assault to punish juvenile delinquency >> requirements of the relevant departments set up a subcommittee as soon as possible, the child's case for timely investigation and evidence collection.

Hope that all well-intentioned people do, married family, who hurt families with children, plus my q group 495 424 506, in order to prevent more innocent children hurt. We even fight, get justice for our children. Protection of the motherland the future does not hurt, we have to rights in the end, so that the national attention, increase the intensity of law and punish these criminals, so that a better future of our country!

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Traditional Chinese: 3歲女童被曝遭幼兒園廚師性侵 公安7個月後介入