Shiquan nine US to Cannes red carpet awards empty-handed and who

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Lead: The 69th Cannes Film Festival, Debu winning okay Almost Perfect, life is not easy, so a little disappointed always good for a death sentence for obsessive-compulsive disorder, we have to count the red carpet in Cannes nine. '. most'.

Sweep the two-dimensional micro-letter code concerns

Cannes Film Festival red carpet

Kirsten - Dunst
Xavier Dolan
Erin Moriarty

The 69th Cannes Film Festival announced the award

Winner of the moment

Partial award winners

Palme d'Or: Black >> << I am willing - Rocky (United Kingdom

Jury Award: At World's End >> << just Xavier - Doran (Canada

Best Director: Christian - Mengji Wu << >> graduation examination (Romania, Olivier - Assayas

<< >> Private buyer (France

Best Actor: Sha Habu - Husseini salesman << >> (Iran

Best Actress: Jia Kelin - Jose Rosa << mother >> (Philippines

Best Screenplay: Siha - Fa Hadi salesman << >> (Iran

These are the winners of the Cannes Film Festival this year, although less than the closing Red Carpet few days ago so bright, but still without prejudice to the grand closing ceremony was held. It is interesting that this year the Cannes Film Festival, the Best Director award at the double yellow eggs, then what to do with it. we can borrow annually excuse together, walking the red carpet to see beauty, look at best movie is not the most fun thing you. Almost Perfect, a little disappointed always good , then beaten to death for obsessive-compulsive disorder, we count Cannes red carpet in nine 'most.'

Look down

the youngest

Lily - Rose - Depp
Star II Pa screen in Cannes - Lily - Rose - noble glamorous debut Depp

Saying that this year's Cannes red carpet Star II Pa Lily - Rose - Depp is indeed maxed screen, the baby girl was born in 1999 with two outstanding Chanel dress become the focus of the mother in the movie palace side is doing. the judges, the other side is Xiao Nizi here, in order to film << >> dancers running around busy publicity.

What the hell

Also show the way to sneak in a little fashion attitude, do not wash your hair control me, 'his aging mother,' the unruly Haier how can match.

Most Ganchuan

Any resemblance - is purely coincidental
I was a child

Well, the Cannes red carpet this year was undoubtedly the most Ganchuan Gigi's sister Bella - Hadid, a custom Alexandre Vauthier dress, girl I saw you though after the underwear supermodel Izabel Goulart also wearing a similar dress appeared, but no obvious courage of the girl Bella big, it should be considered loser convinced of it.

The most elegant


Cannes red carpet has always been sexy goddess Eva Longoria ride the world, the second day of the Cannes Film Festival, Eva Longoria dressed in sparkling beads inlaid black Bra evening dress appearance, is really elegant to be entranced.

Most childhood


KK supermodel wearing a Louis Vuitton dress appeared at the red carpet premiere >> << Hu Liye tower, avant-garde dress with side slits bow hair band, all of a sudden dreams of girlhood.


Most 'attack' gas

Charles Sise Long

Do not know the woman a little 'attack' gas what is good or bad, anyway, Oscar-winning actress Charlize - Theron regardless of whether one wore a deep V of Dior pants, unveiled last appearance << >> premiere red carpet. big back head, black suit, I would dare grab chassis.

Most fight

Red carpet premiere
Queen S

Cannes red carpet in this fight than most mothers 'Queen S' Blake - Lively, multiple sets of red carpet dress is really a game with a sexy, Giambattista Valli skirt, Emma! Girl your legs are injected with what artifact, how straight, but also white and beautiful.

Black - Lively
Black - Lively

Red carpet premiere of Vivienne Westwood princess dress, the one who is not how prominent belly hides a more tightly while the other body Versace dress. Well, do not say, how beautiful you still see yourself.

Most irritating

You enough
Show of affection does not necessarily die quickly
Show loving CP

What do you say on the red carpet most irritating, of course, those long arms leggy supermodel. In addition, the show of affection was not also find a way to seam drilling, enough to vent. << Money monster movie >> the premiere - George Clooney and wife whisper so no one else, what pillow off the light wind can not go home talking about a few days, the fruit carefully and sister elven prince, also accidentally. into a 'loving door', you show so much fun, so I quietly watching.

Show it I'm single

Most rebellious

Julia Roberts

Originally the rebellious girl should do, I did not expect fast 50-year-old Oscar-winning actress Julia - Roberts also join in the fun we all know, at the time of last year show << >> Carol, since only a few ladies wearing flat shoes, while walking the red carpet this year is prohibited Julia - Roberts barefoot walk the red carpet, be breaking the rules, you show me how.

Most Xianqi

Elle - Fanning

Xian Qi full, which is often described as quiet, if at the child-like beauty, is so busy with the red carpet, obviously a little inappropriate, but Elle - Fanning so deserved Well, nine prize awarded finished, applause look. who did not win in the corner.

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