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Kenya - This is the original name, is a wild, wild beasts, is synonymous with her mysterious and wild jungle, is a photographer's paradise, is a wish your heart, a far in Africa, fabulous place.

Back in the eighties, from CCTV's 'world of wonder' column to the 'African Wildlife' section, we know the world is there such a spectacular wild fauna living on Earth, only heard Masai Mara, Serengeti, the Great rift Valley, Nakuru and other names, but they are like distant space, like, never thought he could have contact with her, to put her arms, witnessed the TV screen, and exposure among them.

Nairobi first impression - Safa Rui (safari hotels

Lawn Safa Rui Hotel

Safa Rui hotel rooms

Safa Rui corner hotel restaurant

From Beijing via Dubai turnaround, in ten hours we are looking forward to the arrival in the Kenyan capital Nairobi aboard the wagon and after forty minutes of reverie and suffering, finally arrived in Nairobi suburb of Safa Rui (safari hotel hotels, this is a large enclosed garden hotel because of the security situation in Nairobi is not very good, the hotel entrance is more like an important base of the door, close the warning, the door closed, surrounded by walls and completely isolated from the outside world, enter the security personnel in the station wagon hotel comprehensive security, we must look under the car even with the mirror at whether there are explosives.

Safa Rui hotel lobby

Safa Rui Yong Lu Hotel

Hostess outside the restaurant

On entering the hotel is another round of scenarios, the African grasslands deep breath hotel attracted spacious lobby is like an enlarged thatched, but very clean, a lot of flavor, a lobby among African elephant specimens stands in the middle. it seems to remind people where you are where you are. yard flowers, winding streets, quiet pond, clear dripping pools, towering trees, a seat which reflect the implicit premises. hotel the rooms are spacious, rich flavor of the original, bed nets are hung, large bathroom modern and clean, standing at the window watching the scenery outside the window really seems to paradise.

Great BBQ grill

Statue of cards in the restaurant and barbecue

Cabaret shows,

Simply take a bath went to dinner time. The restaurant is a semi-open shed, in front of black boot lady beautiful smile. A door to see a huge rotating oven, on the grill mouth-watering aroma of grilled meats, a group of indigenous wooden sculpture stands in the welcome position, waiting for a variety of grilled meat marked with signs. after seated, the waiter brought a variety of barbecue for everyone to take turns, each table also provides a bottle of red wine in everyone eat Xing is strong, the stage began to be staged on African song and dance performances, the first to arrive in Nairobi dinner to a climax.

Cabaret show

Hotel Pool

Hotel pool

Different sides of the equator

Due to travel fatigue, coupled with Safa Rui unusually quiet and comfortable hotel, which is extremely sweet sleep at night, the next day at Safa Rui After breakfast, travel to the famous Abdel National Nature Reserve (ie Treetop Park . exactly the way across the equator, equatorial latitude before sign on to take pictures, feel both feet in the south, the northern hemisphere of fun. just know that the sun before running along the equator, the sun's equator in different directions, but did not know where to , magnetic equator is different. black guy in the field as we demonstrate different equator north and south magnetic fields in the north of the equator, water funnel is rotated counterclockwise to the downstream through the south was clockwise in the equatorial rotation, this common sense is the first time I really know. to commemorate through the equator line, the locals also issued a certificate to prove that you have passed the equator (about 300 shillings a certificate combined $ 5, guests can voluntarily buy in equatorial next to the flag, with a market selling African souvenirs. there are a lot of African crafts, but expensive.

Traffic on the way of highway landscape

Ways equator line mark

African handicrafts

Abdel National Park - Tree House Hotel

Abdel National Park Reserve in the central Kenyan highlands, mountains area of 767 square kilometers wide, is one of the legendary 'God homeland.' There are cliffs, deep valleys, waterfalls, plains and other terrain, mountains verdant trees, animal groups, elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards, baboons, various monkeys, jackal, antelope, bison, water antelope, wild boar and more than 250 species of birds can also see snow-capped mountains on the equator - the second highest peak in Africa Mount Kenya but Abdel park's most famous tree house or hotel.

Tree House Hotel Exterior

Tree house outside the hotel elephants

Tree house hostel in eastern zoo, near the town of Jounieh. 'Tree house' hotel was built in Kenya before independence, is built entirely Shu Chashang large trees, is all-wood structure was relatively simple, the smaller the size of belonging ' stilts ', mainly stationed in Kenya to British military officials and Western expedition provide wildlife service in February 1952, the then Princess Elizabeth in Kenya tour overnight' tree house 'came when his father, King George hostel VI's death, Elizabeth historic in the 'tree house' hotel became the Queen ascended the throne. thus, the 'tree house' hotel household name in the UK, which visitors tend to 'tree house' hotel as willing to travel in the first.

Elephant drinking in the evening

Elephant drinking water

In the same year, a fire destroyed the original princess stayed in the 'tree house' hotel, rebuilt in 1954, opposite the site. In 1983, Queen Elizabeth returned to travel, stay in the Queen suite. Later growing reputation, visitors flocked and next to the site of a massive expansion. the current building is still whole wooden structure and substantially maintained its original rustic style and rustic charm, but the big tree branches into dozens of large wooden root. building the underlying high hanging space, similar houses on stilts in southern China, has the above three layers, each layer has rooms, there are two viewing corridor, the top has a broad viewing platform, to facilitate the tourists to view the animals.

Wild ox

People at the hotel in addition to viewing beautiful surroundings, you can also use the hotel provides a variety of food tease flying birds and jumping up and down the white-tailed monkey, baboon Behind the hotel there are several large natural pond, pond crocodile, water turtle, the middle of a reed-covered land, there are piles of eggs on top of. 'Treetop' hotel has been rebuilt several times, the first half of 1996 and a maintenance and reconstruction, can accommodate about 100 people accommodation, but remained original. every evening, herds of elephants and buffalo come downstairs salt (artificial scattered on the ground and other minerals. it is a great opportunity to watch the animals up close and take pictures.

Trend deer pond


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