Official: Beijing Public Security Enforcement promote standardization construction to a new level

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In order to adapt to the reform of litigation trial centered comprehensively deepen reform of public security, law enforcement authorities continued to promote the standardization of the construction of the Capital Police, the Beijing Public Security Bureau to 'innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing' five development concept as a guide, according to the municipal government Government, the Ministry of Public Security in the capital requirements for reform, innovation and development, the introduction of intensive and meticulous management mechanism of law enforcement, law enforcement investigators to explore the establishment management center.

October 2015, Beijing Public Security Bureau Haidian Branch to lead the charge, do forward, first try first, insist on leading issues, affecting the target, built to the 'integration of resources, source management, combined operations' characterized by 'one-stop' management of law enforcement cases Center, a pioneering and innovative cases focused on the trial, the whole closed-loop, full supervision of law enforcement investigators new model.

It is understood that the center runs in seven months, a total of more than 3670 suspects review, review of daily average of 18 people, the highest single-day review of 92 people, orderly process for review, process specification, to achieve the security incident, law enforcement, zero complaints occur.

Law enforcement investigators to police reports related to the case management center handling area

Law enforcement investigators to police reports related to the case management center handling area

[Background of the Establishment]

Grassroots law enforcement investigators place is not up to the management system difficult to implement

Become the bottleneck of law enforcement standardization construction

According to the Legislative Affairs Office of Municipal Public Security Bureau responsible person, dispersed by the police station residence, houses and many other factors affect the structural limitations, investigators three rooms (waiting room, interview room, examination room is not up to building management system can not effectively implemented, the lack of application of information technology tools , which has become the bottleneck of law enforcement standardization construction, management center set up law enforcement investigators, law enforcement investigators to places standardization construction Strenten source management, strengthen the information combined operations, can effectively break the bottleneck of current law enforcement standardization construction, further improve law enforcement investigators Level.

June 2015, Vice Mayor, City Public Security Bureau Haidian Branch Wang Xiaohong when the inspection noted: 'standardized handling, convenient grassroots, improve efficiency, and ensure safety' as the basic principle, to further standardize law enforcement investigators place, explore the establishment of a centralized handling center. Haidian Branch under the guidance of the Council's Legislative Affairs Office and other functional departments, mobilize the whole police suggestions, support for multi-party assistance, special classes promote decomposition project, inverted construction, which lasted five months, the successful completion of its law enforcement management pilot center construction tasks.

According to reports, law enforcement investigators Haidian Branch Manager covering 7.4 acres, the building area of 5,000 square meters, depending on the function and differentiate to law enforcement investigators, office life, visitors received three areas. Configuration police, auxiliary police hundred, through centralized training, post training real, real integration, gradually run-in, so that the work on track quickly.

Law enforcement investigators to police reports Manager juvenile criminal suspects education workstation

Law enforcement investigators to police reports Manager juvenile criminal suspects education workstation

[Five functions]

It is understood that City Public Security Bureau in-depth research, listen to the views of the grassroots, and in strict accordance with the requirements by the Ministry of Public Security reform case filing system and other law enforcement investigators explicitly detailed the management center 'assist investigators, support handling, handling supervision,' the three basic functions Haidian Branch based on reality, and further optimize the development, the successful implementation of the central five functions: handling properties unified management, centralized processing of cases, real-time support to protect investigators and guide line to fight anti-control, strengthen police combat training.

Unified management of the global handling area: no dead around the clock supervision

Handling properties unified management, the center of the dispersion unified supervision of the 27 investigators district police stations, unified management, unified deployment, study and formulate the handling properties unified management system, from personal security to the suspects item processing and build process-oriented standardized management, illegal handling behavior completely eliminate blind spot monitoring by global region each handling 24-hour video, network inspection, to detect and correct involves the use, filing, custody and other issues waiting to ask, from the source to prevent the occurrence of so that police investigators feel the immediate supervision in the head, on the side.

Centralized handling: transparent process, efficiency, zero errors

It is understood that as long as the suspect entered its law enforcement center, entered the video surveillance area, investigators used three rooms are all installed on the angle cameras, video surveillance, no dead ends, full coverage. Run four months since the submittal process orderly, process specifications to achieve the security incident, law enforcement, zero complaints occur.

'In the law enforcement investigators management center, to achieve the full 24-hour surveillance process of handling cases.' Enforcement investigators Management Center deputy Ren Wangrui introduced in the past by a number of factors decentralized police station, houses and other structural constraints, 'Three Rooms' construction of non-compliance issues such as constraints the public security law enforcement standardization construction and development, but also borrow some police station handling the case surrounding the police station in the room.

Built law enforcement investigators Manager solves this problem. Police investigators escorted criminal suspects came to the center, from registration to enter the area after handling personal checks, question suspects to the final suspect to leave the entire process for process-oriented, standardized management mode.

Last November 10, the center investigators assumed escorted back to Beijing from Cambodia's 90 telecommunications fraud suspects the review, the review of the handling capacity of the center, emergency support, etc. conducted a rigorous investigation. Center full battle, all three rooms to enable in just 40 minutes to complete a review into the handling area involved from the road into the area to check terms of handling the registration time than previously dispersed disposal savings of nearly two hours, saving nearly a third case police escort to see, in particular, within 15 hours to complete the review of all the suspects, compared with the original review of each of the dispersion to 24 hours, saving nearly nine hours, and significantly improve efficiency.

Law enforcement investigators Manager interrogation room

Law enforcement investigators Manager interrogation room

Combined operational mechanism: 24 hour real-time protection of front-line investigators

When November 1, Evergreen police station in the process of forcing women together indecency case, the suspects refused to explain facts of the crime, and there is not enough evidence of their crimes, investigation impasse. In this regard, the investigators combined operations center to start timely consultation mechanism , legal, expert pre-judged the case through remote video platform with police handling units, based on available clues and found the suspect several times larger committed the offense at the same time, the rule of law, pre-trial expert police investigators peripheral evidence, questioning follow guidance. and a final string of more than 10 cases of women from compulsory indecency implemented in the same way, in the face of facts and evidence, the suspects confessed truthfully all the crimes.

According to reports, the suspect needs prior to the detention center to complete the examination, if you have questions about handling the case but also to the legal advice and other departments, 'Now these areas are in the center of law enforcement investigators to complete, before the police need to find these sectors are now experts in these sectors We are all here with the police handling the case. 'the rule of law, pre-trial, criminal investigation, intelligence, network security and other departments police 24 hours Front support services, namely combined operations, and effectively enhance the quality of handling and efficiency.

Case information timely feedback line: to provide evidence for the anti-control fight

It is understood that, in order to timely information on cases back to the global various handling department, information sharing, law enforcement investigators Manager on information systems development, emphasizing the focus on science and technology, science and technology to enhance the work efficiency. By entering the global 'three rooms' suspects real-time management, the system can extract relevant nature of the case, the incidence of time, location and other information, can be global query using various handling department, to share information.

Up to now, the center by more than 1,800 suspects of crime information than to tease out the jurisdiction of each police station incidence type, population, crime and other means of information laws, become the grass-roots fight anti control of important reference, but also for the whole global command provide a basis for decision-making.

Law enforcement investigators asked the management center waiting waiting area

Law enforcement investigators asked the management center waiting waiting area

Setting the training function: to become the first-line police investigators gas station

To further enhance the level and quality of police enforcement investigators, investigators set up a training center functions, complete and perfect the related hardware and software training facilities, the center of the police investigators, police chief global line handling department, police, detective, business and other key training. Key focus on aspects of key and difficult issues, handling techniques, tactics and other techniques combined operations police investigators encountered, invited experts and scholars, the PUC part-time instructors and the rule of law, pre-trial experts, thematic lectures, with job training and practical exercises.

Up to now, the Council has invited the relevant leaders, experts at different levels, to carry out three thematic lectures 5 stages of training, training the police reflect the very 'thirst' to solve the problems encountered in handling line, the effect is very prominent.

[Dialogue suspects]

Suspect called 'off' here convinced

Suspects surname Wang, 22 years old this year, but he has a few palace 'old gun', the reporter to interview him.

Late last year, with the surname Wang accomplices smashed cars theft was arrested by the Haidian Branch, was arrested this time, let the old world feel a lot of different places. Since being brought into the Central Administration of law enforcement investigators, he felt like walking on the assembly line, from the registration, physical examination, the waiting, questioning ...... everything is efficient and humane.

'I am convinced off here,' surname Wang said, this is an interview with reporters during the deepest experience of the word.

Wang recalls: 'I have been here with the police is not the same, all devices are very advanced, all processes are very efficient, like assembly line, very smooth interrogated me, two police officers have great respect for me, I feel. to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests. '

Reporters learned that the surname Wang was arrested after a great resistance, refused to explain the facts of the crime. It did not expect that, after eight hours, Confession, he is now being detained criminal. It turned out that law enforcement investigators Manager start synthesis operational mechanisms, the rule of law, pre-trial, criminal investigation, network security and police departments jointly consultation, to develop detection program, a clear division of responsibilities. on the case involving a total of three suspects to carry out the review at the same time, on the other hand, multi-force synchronization on the case find the case a breakthrough. through the suspects go into hiding routes, modus operandi to sort out the analysis, finally find the suspect site crime evidence. after eight hours of combined operations, and ultimately in the case confession of the three suspects in criminal law detention.

[All sound]

Municipal Public Security Bureau responsible person: grassroots police make more sense to get the quality and credibility of law enforcement law enforcement investigators to further enhance

Police handling the case: I handled a lot of cases, it is quite confident, investigators may come to the center really feel there is a gap, found some previous experience and practice is not particularly standardized, standardized classroom here just the same, taught you how handling the case, how accomplishing iron case to case, not satisfied.

Law enforcement investigators Center deputy Ren Wangrui: we patrol through the Internet, in a timely manner for the whole branch handling problems occur given site area to correct and improve the level of enforcement for police investigators handling the case in some of the outstanding issues, focusing on problems or representative problem. we will also take a daily briefing and organize regular training of personnel, and constantly enhance the awareness of the police law enforcement duties.

Haidian Branch Director of Legal Department LIANG Zhao red: after handling center was established, appreciate the most is the service and oversight functions of the front of the police station did not understand, the case is relatively difficult and complicated, we can promptly direct, hands-on, face to face guidance.

Haidian Criminal Investigation detachment commissar Bi Bo: handling combined operations center in this regard, saving a lot of time and police, in the latter part of the work which we feel handling center provides us with a lot of security, and we carry out the examination at the center, but also to conduct verification, serial, greatly improving the work efficiency, expand the victories.

Municipal Public Security Bureau, responsible person, law enforcement investigators Manager this useful innovation, become favorable starting point of the Capital Police law enforcement standardization construction, and promote the capital's public security law enforcement standardization construction to a new level. Practice run at the first try first Haidian Branch basis, has been in full swing in the city, Xicheng, Fengtai, Shijingshan, Tongzhou, Fangshan Branch actively promoted. with the deepening of the reform of Public Security, law enforcement continue to promote the standardization of construction, law enforcement investigators management center will serve the grassroots combat, specification law enforcement investigators, law enforcement effectiveness multiplication play a greater effectiveness, grassroots police get more sense, so that the quality of law enforcement investigators and law enforcement credibility has been further enhanced.

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