In addition to Kang Sok Ju, North Korea and who "enjoy" over the state funeral?

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Original title: In addition to Kang Sok Ju, North Korea and who 'enjoy' over the state funeral?

May 20, the WPK Central Committee, Supreme People's Assembly, Mr Kang Sok Ju died. 22, Kang Sok Ju, North Korea is a state funeral was held in Pyongyang.

According to foreign thing (xjb-waishier) understand, Kang Sok Ju, long-term work in the DPRK diplomatic service, is responsible for North Korea's Foreign central figure in North Korea's official release obituary said, 'the death of Comrade Kang Sok Ju of the DPRK Workers' Party and the people is a great loss . '

Choe Ryong Hai (right) Kang Sok Ju condolences to the family at the funeral.

External thing (xjb-waishier) noted that, after the DPRK's decision to hold a state funeral Kang Sok Ju, established the National Funeral Committee to Choe Ryong Hai as chairman Hwang Pyong-so, Pak Pong Ju, Kim Ki-nam and other 52 members of the party.

So, North Korea, who died qualify 'enjoy' a state funeral? What is the secret of the composition and the number of funeral committee?

How state funeral specifications?

Kim Jong-un flowers circle, Cui Longhai eulogy mourning

External thing (xjb-waishier) noted that North Korea's official funeral picture, not supreme leader Kim Jong-un figure appeared. However, according to Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim Jong-un in the 21st sent a wreath, and the death of Kang Sok Ju condolences.

Choe Ryong Hai Kang Sok Ju, the cemetery to fill.

Yesterday's state funeral scene, Cui Longhai eulogy mourning, and to fill the cemetery.

Cui Longhai mourning word, he said: 'lost comrades Kang Sok Ju, such as a true revolutionary, the ability to highlight politician, is a great loss Labor Party and the people.'

KCNA report also said, 'Beijing citizens conceal his grief, stood in front of Comrade Kang Sok Ju hearse reluctant to leave.'

Why North Korea held a state funeral Kang Sok Ju?

North Korea Kim Il Sung University, who worked on the study of foreign experts thing (xjb-waishier) explains to a certain extent because of the decisive role of Kang Sok Ju, North Korean Foreign construction in play.

September 6, 2014, Kang Sok Ju departure visit to Europe, the airport in Pyongyang told the German ambassador to the DPRK off.

The expert said that during the diplomatic work of Kang Sok Ju presided over the DPRK, the DPRK's nuclear program and vigorously promote nuclear tests, he eased tensions external environment faced by North Korea to some extent in the deal between the great powers on.

External thing (xjb-waishier) noted, Kang Sok Ju Kim served as Foreign Minister of the DPRK, the DPRK Cabinet, Deputy Prime Minister, Labor Party Central Committee secretary and the Minister of Defence and other key positions, from Kim Il Sung era involved the DPRK diplomatic work is North Korea's Foreign central figure.

Who can state funeral?

State leaders and the 'old' people died

In Korea, the only country after the military and political leaders and the 'old' people died before a state funeral, the general level of the Politburo and above.

Kim Jong-un Kim Jong Il's funeral and so on.

External thing (xjb-waishier) combing found that after the death of 'enjoyed' state funeral of not more than 20 North Koreans. In addition to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, including when he was chairman of the WPK Central Committee review Jin Guotai, when he was people's Army generals Chun Byung-ho et al., which are member of the Politburo level.

However, the Politburo member who is not 'hard requirements.'

In 2005, North Korea was former Prime Minister Yon state funeral, his former Politburo alternate member of last year by the Korean People's Army Marshal State funeral in case of Ri Ul-sol, but also alternate member of the Politburo.

Ri Ul-sol state funeral scene.

For which reason, experts said North Korea told foreign thing (xjb-waishier), 'in Korea, who can be granted a state funeral, and not a formal requirement.'

He said, Ri Ul-sol is old guerrilla origin, served as bodyguard Kim Il Sung, Kim Il Sung in defending the process is effective, it is absolutely loyal, won the trust of Kim Il Sung.

In 1993, Kim Il Sung at the hospital to visit Li Ren mold.

In addition, some political office is not high old revolutionary hero was also honored, as witness the Korean War, the Republic hero Daniel Lee mold. Funeral Committee for the establishment of the Korean high-standard, any of chairman Kim Yong Nam, more than 50 party and government officials to attend.

'In North Korea, it is possible to get a state funeral, the deceased is not only respected and affirmation of the bereaved family of the treatment will be affected.' The experts said.

Funeral What is the secret?

Committee's list revealed political developments

External thing (xjb-waishier) noted that, after the death of North Korean military and political level, the general will be established the Funeral Committee. Depending on the size of the funeral committee list and can often get a glimpse of North Korea's political developments.

In recent years, North Korea's state funeral and more from Kim as chairman of the funeral committee, such as the state funeral committee chairman of the Korean Workers Party Central Committee review Jin Guotai, Politburo alternate member of the Hong Song Nam et al.

Jin Guotai funeral scene.

In addition, there are other people as the chairman of the funeral committee situation. State funeral of former Prime Minister Yon as previously mentioned, served as the first deputy chairman of the National Defense Commission, Cho Myong Rok any time.

This made Choe Ryong Hai presided over the state funeral Kang Sok Ju, the South Korean media speculated that this is a symbol of Cui Longhai real power to get consolidated. Interestingly, when the state funeral Ri Ul-sol, and Choe Ryong Hai is not on the list of funeral committee in Korean media at the time analysts said last year Cui Longhai may have 'losing ground.'

This regard, the expert told foreign thing (xjb-waishier), 'from the list of funeral committee can decipher some clues, if a person is excluded from the core of power, he generally will not enter the list.'

Cui Longhai

But the experts also said that North Korea is determined only by the personnel changes this list is not accurate because it is not on the list may have been just physical ailments.

'And different and formal meetings, the list of funeral committee is not an official political stance, there will be other considerations, such as some good lifetime relationship with the deceased person may enter the list.' He said.

Who presided over the state funeral?

Mr. Kim has three former chairman of the funeral committee

External thing (xjb-waishier) also noted that, since Kim Jong-un took office, North Korea has repeatedly been held for the death of senior state funeral, Kim Jong-un has three times as chairman of the funeral committee.

Kim's state funeral scene.

December 17, 2011, Kim Jong Il visited on the way died out. Then, they set up by the North Korean Kim Jong-un as chairman, a member of as many as 200 people of the Funeral Committee.

In addition, the day of the state funeral of Kim Jong Il, North Korea Kim Jong-un and seven other senior personally help spirit. It is worth noting, including executions, including Jang, most people in North Korea now has disappeared in the public eye.

Huangbing Hao.

July 7, 2014, the Korean People's Army generals, the People's Army weaponry honorary curator Chun Byung-ho died. Funeral Committee made more than 80 composed by Kim Jong-un as the chairman, members include Kim Yong-nam, Pak Pong Ju, Hwang Pyong-so, etc. people.

Last November 7, the WPK Central Committee, the Honourable Supreme People's Assembly, the Korean People's Army Marshal Ri Ul-sol died in very large scale funeral committee, chaired by Chairman Kim Jong-un, the entire list of 170 people on the funeral committee.

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