A Russian mine collapses occurred 154 trapped miners rescued 90 people

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 286

Original title: Russia collapsed a mine incident 154 people were rescued 90 trapped miners

BEIJING, May 23, according to the Russian satellite network reported on 23, Krasnoyarsk, Russia 'Oriental' collapsed mine incident, rescue workers has successfully rescued trapped 154 miners of 90 people.

According to reports, local time at 9:02 on the 23rd, rock 'Oriental' at the top of the mine decline, leading to landslides.

Reported that the dispatch department to detect cracks, and suspended the operation of the mining field, so no workers were injured. Equipment is not compromised.

Emergency rescue headquarters, a staff member told reporters: '90 people have been evacuated, there were no casualties rescue workers evacuate an additional 64 people from mine.'.

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Traditional Chinese: 俄一礦場發生坍塌事件 154名被困礦工中90人獲救