Japan's exports and factory orders fell "abenomics" hard paying off

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Original title: Japan's exports and factory orders fell 'abenomics' hard paying off

BEIJING, May 23, according to foreign media reported on 23, Japan's exports fell sharply in April, May manufacturing activity shrinking rate highest since the end of 2012, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came to power the fastest, a further indication abenomics stimulus is difficult to obtain kinetic energy.

Reported that last week, Japan also failed to win the support of other developed economies move on down the yen, the Japanese government worried that a stronger yen could further dampen the weak economy.

These data also increased Abe and Bank of Japan to take more measures to stimulate the pressure of weak growth, and the current global economists and investors are worried that radical measures may have reached the limit of the central bank, these measures failed to stimulate economic growth.

23 released data show that Japan's exports in April fell 10.1% from a year earlier, the biggest decline in three months creating, by the impact of a stronger yen and weakness in China and other emerging markets.

Imports in April from a year earlier fell more than 23%, which reflects not only the decline in commodity prices, but also due to the still weak domestic demand, the Bank of Japan overshadowed the impact of large-scale asset purchase program.

Japanese supply chain disruptions caused by the earthquake last month, which led to Japan's auto exports to the US decline, which can lead to a decline in exports in April was exaggerated, but a firmer yen and weak global demand for Japan's business outlook Mengyin Order 2016. Some analysts worry The Japanese economy may shrink this season, earlier this year to avoid a recession.

'US auto exports fell the noise,' Norinchukin Research Institute chief researcher at South Total Takeshi said.

'Asia and the global economy remains weak. In addition, the appreciation of the yen squeeze exporters profit, leading to weaker capital spending and wages, which could hinder 'abenomics' create a virtuous growth targets,' South Takeshi representation.

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