Hong Kong Literature established marketing platform help nurture young writers

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Original title: Hong Kong Literature platform to promote the establishment of help nurture young writers

China news agency, Hong Kong, May 23 - 'Hong Kong Literature promotion platform' 23, formally established in Hong Kong Baptist University.

Platform Baptist University of Hong Kong as a base to promote Hong Kong literature through various activities to the public platform organized a number of activities, including university literary prize, young writer award, Lion poetry readings, etc., and set up a new 'hole Liangqiao Ling New Literary Award 'prize to encourage young writers to continue writing.

According to reports, the first 'hole Liangqiao Ling New Literary Award' will be held in 2018, nominated by the professional team composed of well-known writers, not to individual works award, award object constancy has published works of promising young writers, each bonus offer HK $ 0.8 million.

Lion poetry readings held since 2004, because Baptist University is located in the Lion Rock is named. Poetry readings personally invited the Hong Kong three generations of poets recite their poetry, the audience to share creative background.

Hong Kong Literature promotion platform director Zhushao Zhang believes that now the development environment of Hong Kong Literature relaxed than in the past, young people have different ways to send work table, example, he refers to himself on the university to write first poem, and now there are students in elementary or middle school I began to write fiction.

Zhushao Zhang said internet service object to love reading, creation and Hong Kong literature writers, teachers and students. Turning to the role of literary life, he refers to people's lives need beauty, and literature is beautiful, it is a casual, too It can yardsticks, which is now in Hong Kong society needs. (End)

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Traditional Chinese: 香港文學推廣平臺成立 助力培養年輕作家