Language Press: new materials not removed Nanjing Massacre theme text

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Original title: Language Press language teaching materials not removed Nanjing Massacre theme texts

Online preaching the agency revised nine-year compulsory teaching subjects removed the Nanjing Massacre things, serious discrepancies with the facts and confuse, hereby solemnly declare.

I clubs since 2013, 2001 Audited compulsory curriculum standard textbook through nine were revised in the revision process, we will Wenshu Lin of the Nanjing Massacre >> << into a text written by Iris Chang << Nanjing massacre >> a book excerpt, the text entitled << >> survived. the main reason for the replacement is written by Iris Chang Nanjing massacre >> << fragments >> << survived, not only wrote the Nanjing massacre inhuman, and portrays an ordinary Chinese woman Li Xiuying intelligent and courageous in the face of the atrocities the Japanese devils inhuman deeds of brave resistance, touching, reflecting the great Chinese people against foreign aggression strong determination and brave spirit. Thus, the agency does not exist Nanjing massacre theme removed the textbook issue.

It is hereby declared.

Language Press

May 23, 2016

Source: Official Languages Publishing House website

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Traditional Chinese: 語文出版社:新教材沒有撤掉南京大屠殺題材課文