He Aifeng Anlu good sister-in-law, "waiting" mentally retarded brother-contained 17

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Original title: Anlu good sister-in-law He Aifeng 'waiting' mentally retarded brother-contained 17

Sports Network (Reporter correspondent Yang Pengcheng Chen Yifan Xia Xiaoran, high security and less say 'as long Sao mother' in Anlu Chen Dian Zaolin village had such a good sister-in-law He Aifeng after elderly husband passed away 17 years still If the mother is generally retarded husband's brother to take care of, no regrets.

Recently, the reporter along the mountain road to the village eight groups Chen Shen Dian jujube Bay, I saw a few old brick buildings scattered houses scattered in the edge of the woods, Wanli young people have moved out, living only stay for the elderly, During the day very few people walking around. 'every time I go to the fair village, less than noon will be back, he will always be a man in the house do not trust.' Throughout the year, he Aifeng rarely leave Wanli.

Before the age of 20 married into Shen, many people advised her, 'Do not be silly,' because not only the local poor, Shen has a congenital retarded husband's brother recall those memories, to the husband's brother is cooking He Aifeng the author said:. 'At that time also thought too much, retarded younger brother, then I just take care of her husband chanting together. '

In 1999, after the elderly have died, the husband's brother Shen Jianzhong He Aifeng with her husband to his house to take care of, her husband died in 2009, the burden falls on the husband's brother to take care of a person He Aifeng.

Shen Jianzhong husband's brother, 46-year-old, life can not take care of themselves, often pulling urine in his pants, in bed, He Aifeng never mind, every few days she will be clean again. Husband's brother nerve crazy, bed quilts he tore a piece of , He Aifeng never complained about a year to give her husband's brother for-dozen futon bed.

'As long as I eat what he ate nothing.' Shen Jianzhong hut in the husband's brother, the discarded peel, pit, wrappers everywhere, every time the fair will be back He Aifeng buy some fruit and candy, fruit candy despite husband's brother used to be 'play more, eat less.'

Everyone says, He Aifeng is a warm-hearted person, dedicated not only to take care of the husband's brother, neighborhood also get along very well. 'Pro-father and mother may not be able to take care of so thoughtful.' Shen Weidong neighbor said, 'There is such a sister-in-law, old bis (Shen Jianzhong considered lucky. '

He Aifeng now been 64 years, children are married, she left home, 'guarding' the husband's brother son home is mounted on a few miles outside of town, near the daughter married, but He Aifeng children rarely stay overnight. He Aifeng granddaughter is 7 years old, she had rarely with granddaughter, others laughed, she said: 'people with grandchildren, you take the husband's brother.' He Aifeng always smile:. 'that is my duty.'

Today, the village will be the husband's brother Shen Jianzhong as accurate poverty reduction target, but He Aifeng said: 'As long as I'm alive, would not leave him.

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Traditional Chinese: 安陸好嫂子何愛鳳 “守候”智障小叔子17載