And "left women" hate married actually strikingly similar to Graduates Employment ......

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Original title: Graduates Employment and the 'left women' hate married actually surprisingly similar ......

Went to the graduation season a year, this year there will be 7.56 million college graduates running around the recruitment site, only to find a suitable job opportunities, and that the competitive scene, self-evident. Employment is placed in a number of fresh graduates face of reality.

But on the other hand, a small new employer always hear lamenting, now so difficult to recruit people to how! Huh? How obviously there are a large number of graduates, why employers hire people still worry about it?

In fact, this problem with the current 'men so much more than the number of women, but older unmarried young women but so many' are surprisingly similar.

Supply and demand mismatch: white-collar employment is difficult, difficult outstanding young women marry

University graduates is difficult, it seems every year. Employment in the job market and recruitment difficulties exist, reflecting the structural contradictions of employment, that is, demand and supply do not match. There are similarities with the current marriage market.

For college graduates, the Everyone wants to find a decent job, sitting in the office, knock on the keyboard, by brainpower to make money, but such personnel oversupply. In China, the shortage of skilled labor has been more talent, especially high-skilled talent, so this type of business are facing recruitment difficulties.

The labor force supply and demand imbalance, because our model of higher education to cultivate difficult to adapt to the actual needs of the human resources market, educational system difficult transition from a supply-oriented in terms of curriculum, personnel training, with little regard to market demand.

For older young women, it is good enough for their own conditions, they want to find a condition equivalent object about marriage, but it is clear in the current marriage market, relatively few outstanding single young people, in short supply, while in the vast rural areas, a large number of older unmarried young men, they are relatively poor conditions in the marriage market, so nobody cares.

The reasons for this phenomenon are threefold: First, the concept has long been the cause of rural patriarchal men left mainly in rural areas, and urban concepts of gender discrimination lighter, and better living conditions, to cultivate more excellent girl, so gender gap is decreasing, while the proportion of the gap between urban and rural women and men and cultural level is also widening.

Second, with the social development, increasing awareness of female independence, more and more modern women know what they want, they constantly strive to improve yourself to get better. Third, in the past Qiongyao Shi 'rich girl love the poor scholar, 'the concept of marriage has long gone, evenly matched in love and marriage, is the mainstream.

So older unmarried young women prefer a single, and never will. But they are often considered to be aiming high, vain, in fact, they just want to select the object being equal only, or even the almost does not matter, but and not much choice on the marriage market.

Psychological expectations and market demand there is a gap

Of course, it is undeniable, there is a problem on some subjective older young women. As a contradiction in students' employment market, it is expected to be present graduates structural imbalances and market demand.

Simply put, that is, job seekers are looking for 'more money to live close to home' work, and the employer wants to 'earn less capable, the best is a top two' conditions to recruit talent.

Older young women are looking for young people, but young people have been less, not to mention a lot of married, there are many beautiful little girl just looking Fubai.

'More money to live close to home' work, no one wants, but there is no ability to see the graduates. Young people, who want to marry, but whether they can adjust attitude? Sometimes, some older young women lack the courage to evade the issue, the lack of ability to solve problems between lovers, often like to use 'unsuitable' as an excuse. so this time, either college students or older young women recognize that they must be timely, attitude adjustment, facing true to yourself and make the best choice.

Like the plight of a different way to solve

Faced with such an awkward job market and the marriage market, how can we do?

Employment, the need for national top-level design, allowing higher education to keep up with economic restructuring, so that the balance between supply and demand in the future job market, while for graduates, the best way to solve the immediate difficulties, the first job and then career.

Since entering the workplace, few people know exactly what they like industries, for which post, only to enter the community, understand the social rules of the workplace, understanding of the relevant industry and job responsibilities before they could make more for their own career planning.

So most people, after the first job over a couple of years, accumulated some work experience, will choose to quit, to a more suitable platform. Of course, some people are beginning to find a suitable job, We have to do so.

But in the marriage market, for older unmarried young women, however, it will not be to get married.

On the one hand, for the older young women who, for so many years without a partner, but also to live a good, not because older, disproportionate to easily find people who get married, then if married, but living standards as before, that why improvise?! Of course, if there is love between you, then it is a different matter.

On the other hand, the cost of marriage, trial and error is too great. If the employment into the wrong line, you can switch to, big deal more time and effort to correct, but the wrong objects? This error is not so good and make up correction, an unhappy marriage can change a person's life, such examples abound.

In another aspect, marriage and family is important, but is not so essential to the Most urban young women themselves have a good life, a stable job, have their own careers, their own interests, a friend girlfriends, I believe I love, but not force, no compromises, independence and love yourself, what is wrong?

Bread and love, older young women want everything, but love can wait, we must first ensure that the bread! Good life, responsible for their own responsibility for others. Older Young graduates and encourage each other! Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 大學生就業難和“剩女”恨嫁竟然有著驚人的相似……