White jeans ride without too mediocre point "wrist" always passerby

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Lead: Summer has not officially arrived, the girls had big legs himself, there is no perfect line in no way out of the street and the next pair of jeans + white combination also led numerous TV serials hot a lot, does not seem to. so worn, it is difficult to keep the youth, but really speaking, such a match, you really wear it? (reprinted from Claire network)

Cowboy with white Tee

Do not say empty, since it has been such a flawless blue + white color combination with denim Fun youth, that might also add some of their own qualities on youth.

Unless you can do this 'comes walking wind' cool range of children, it might 'Shuadian wrist' watch Ye Hao, bracelets worth mentioning, there is no effort to live up to this summer.

Leather texture best suited to spring and summer, 'lazy'

With a leather strap

Everyone wants to turn into a summer meow, lazy idle most comfortable. So better to choose a good material, such as a watch strap.

Not to mention the effect of wild strap watch, clean and dress the first essential is 'simple', which it definitely satisfy you.

So that winter models big dial watch with large sweater belt when no need to be 'frozen' together, it is more practical in the summer.

Leather bracelet

There is such a leather bracelet, although there are still 'cover their sweat' risk, but not completely take advantage of the arrival of summer, you might catch a cool little tail, a good-hyun.

Qiao color to brighten the metal

Metal bracelet

Jeans and a white T-shirt of the most charming places, of course, a very significant number that a clean dividing line between the waist color. Leather watch aside lazy Fan children do not say, the street decorations, metallic colors have to suck eye.

Metallic colors only will not destroy you deliberately create the overall aesthetic, but has a decorative effect. If we run into sunny sunny day, wearing a metal bracelet that you will shine doubled, simply earn.

Plain gold bracelet

If you happen to have a plain gold bracelet, but so much the better. Leaving aside the plain gold jewelry popular in a long time 'frigidity wind' in a strong position, one that simple shape, enough to qualify as 'best woman smart selection of jewelry, 'the top three.

Plain gold bracelet

He refused to wear the stack will be simple in the end

In order to match a distinctive, beautiful girl who most common mistake is blindly regardless of wearing too much.

less is more

But even then pop stack wear, please do not try to blindly superimposed on this mix of white jeans.

'Less is more' is not white to say, we can not have big legs, at least can do simple beauty.

Excellent example

Home wind Ye Hao, a fashionable street worth mentioning, Ye Hao watches, bracelets worth mentioning, master the principles of simplicity, the use of good material mix, jeans and white in order to look better every minute, you can also mix have their own unique style.

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Traditional Chinese: 牛仔褲搭白衣太平庸 不用點“手腕”永遠都是路人甲