Zhongguancun demonstration area retail electric providers do not do local business license

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Original title: Zhongguancun demonstration area retail electric providers do not do local business license

Beijing News News (Reporter Wu) Beijing Municipal Government announced today << on Further Improving the employment and entrepreneurship work under the new situation of the implementation of views >>, clearly, registered in the Zhongguancun demonstration area network commodity trading and retail businesses in the city administrative area within the range established distribution points, warehouses, showrooms can conduct direct distribution, warehousing, exhibitions and other business activities of the enterprise sales of goods, can not apply for business licenses.

<< Comments >> proposed the establishment of demonstration bases for special lead incubation funds, strive to 5 years to build the 40 demonstration base business incubator.

Beijing will also adjust the small loans for entrepreneurs secured loans. Registered unemployed persons, the rural labor force, college graduates in Beijing, ex-servicemen and other entrepreneurs will, need help of qualified personnel, legally registered individual industrial and commercial households or start small and micro enterprises, can enjoy discount loans and financial support.

In the researchers entrepreneurship, << comments >> Universities and research institutions may propose the establishment of independent scientific and technological achievements into jobs and technology personnel scientific and technological achievements on the job by the unit agreement, may start in the post, but also undergo entrepreneurship.

<< >> Also made observations, research institutions and more than 70 percent can be extracted transformation proceeds, under the scientific and technological achievements to complete the people and the scientific and technological achievements of the staff all make an important contribution.

Furthermore, in terms of employment, << comments >> clear that meet the requirements of business enterprises and their employees in accordance with no more than 50% of the actual payment of the total amount of unemployment insurance last year to give a stable job subsidies.

Meanwhile, the employment of vulnerable groups, << comments >> also require periodic organization registered unemployed applicants and enjoy the minimal subsistence allowances treatment personnel to participate in community service or activity, ensure the enjoyment of subsistence allowances in the able-bodied family members of at least one person in employment .

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