Internet in the kitchen cooking out of a Union, catering sector big counter-attack from the media

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Original title: Internet in the kitchen cooking out of a couplet, catering sector big counter-attack from the media

2015 is close to the end, recalling this year's hot words than the 'Internet +', Ma led feat electricity supplier, so that he reached the summit of the richest man in China's position, the Internet + the traditional industry model, the market re-shuffle economy layout, Cock wire successful counter-attack of the 'rich handsome' is not a myth. That Internet plus dining, what kind of effect that 'Three consumption limit' policy impact will happen? the first two years of high-end food and beverage industry state into the winter, and now the brightest are looking for great God and in what way? According to relevant survey, China's catering business more than 10 million, it is the job of chef practitioners have been millions, the face of an increasingly large Dining practitioner army and peer competition, and that food and beverage brands, how should the Internet from the Department?

With micro-channel laid in the field of instant messaging social dominance, and now stay on the line as much as the number of nearly 600 million. Micro-channel to carry out ecological services circle micro-channel public number is one in this online exchange line or place of business, which new types of businesses can post the Internet to spread fast, manifestations, large number of users to take advantage of features integrated together. Take the catering sector more successful Internet business model of public numbers 'holy food kitchen macro Union', here it is an information aggregation platform catering industry, focused on catering and related services, the public number currently receiving attention from various circles of fans soared, public information number at which released the same day, you can refresh the million hits within just half an hour the amount.

It is reported that, 'Saint food kitchen macro-linked' number in addition to regularly update some public catering expertise and relevant information every day, but also another way to develop the chef search navigation features targeted for recruitment chef catering industry and competition work. This self-recruitment vertical media platform for many chefs can find accurate positioning and a suitable place of work, so accurate, convenient, and effective channels to become the chefs tailored headhunting base, and thus allow the 'holy food kitchen macro-linked 'This line from the media publishing platform within the culinary elite have hundreds of thousands.

Internet fortune mantra is the 'eyes of the Department concerned, must follow the money', since traditional media platforms counterattack big media because it is vertically oriented IT delivery mode, higher precision, lower cost, the flow, so the media flow toward the platform also pretty natural change now 'Saint food kitchen macro-linked' from media platform has been stationed in a number of large food and beverage brands service providers, their number in the ads running this public information, can in just a few within minutes of the spread, and advertising appeal and audience demand brand is one of the mode, hit it off. This is called precision marketing Internet now! kitchen catering equipment, hotel utensils, ingredients marketing, promotion and ingredients Some dishes related books and other peripheral products, can be established in this place, quickly find their products at home overhead.

Propagation characteristics of the Internet contributed to the vigorous development of many industries. 'Saint food kitchen macro Union' be one of the Internet done fast food brands. Capital market has always been favored by those who like to project an innovative idea can activate potential business opportunities because such projects can wake up a new round of consumer Innovations and create more market value, social value. After almost a year of experience under, the catering industry still continue to find their way in the Internet + model, who become the next myth of wealth, or need Tell me what you see. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.