Li Houlin Entrepreneurial Learning trilogy

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Original title: Li Houlin Entrepreneurial Learning trilogy

Li Houlin entrepreneurs sharing process

Learning to know how to share, you share the process is to enhance the process again Western philosophers had thought about the meaning and cultural exchanges played a very plain example: if you have an apple and I have an apple in exchange after each hand still only an apple. If you have a thought, I have a thought, after the exchange, each have two ideas.

To some extent, share with others the process is to enhance the process you again, especially when the idea is not yet ripe, because a lot of things in the case do not understand the slow fermentation, which is a penetration of learning. This state is just 'known' and 'unknown' between, in fact, considered as a 'do not know', in this case, to discuss and exchange with others, often more caught core of the problem, to achieve faster From the 'do not know' to 'know' changes.

Li Houlin management to apply their knowledge

Learning to know how to use, light is always parked in the paper say he learned kung fu. Chinese richest man Li Ka-shing lift, almost no one does not know. Some people say that Li's success is luck, lies opportunity. But the opportunities are thoughtful people who are prepared favor of . had asked a businessman Li Ka-shing: '? Lee, your success is to rely on it,' Li Ka-shing very sure replied: 'by study, constantly learning, and to learn something sufficiently into practice.' Science so that with a successful strike capability, is a wisdom to make themselves more easily to move forward. And not good at learning, not good ability to turn knowledge into a person, it will be like headless flies rattling around, flashy, it is difficult to get real increase. In reality a lot of people have the supreme diploma, a variety of vocational skills certificate to prove, in the practical application and operation, but with his diploma resume different person, his life too hard event.

Li Houlin enterprise persevere

Learning to know insist, accumulated to a certain extent quantitative cause qualitative change. Zeng stressed that the book at home, reading scholar, the first to have ambition, the second to be knowledgeable, to have perseverance third learning too. I have always believed, perseverance, there is no do not do. I am also a very love of learning 'students', even from the business for so many years, numerous affairs, and sometimes have to wait for them busy one minute break it two minutes to spend, but still adhere to a month A few days out of time to learn, to participate in some useful training and self-improvement courses to learn precisely this accumulated bit by bit persistent, decades down, I find, whether it is my outlook on life, values, or doing things Some behavior, have undergone incredible qualitative change. There are also some friends, had vowed, I want to learn English within a year, within a month to read the history of Western philosophy, the result is often .. actually learn as climbing, If you give yourself a short time to set up high goals, as established a very steep slope, climb under the two tired silly, halfway, if the same target, you give yourself a little more time on the gentle slope of a lot , a little every day, continue to adhere to climb, finally reach the end, you might not feel laborious final sending on a truth: learning is like rowing upstream. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.