The valuables to visit the site for the fourth capital Students innovations will add luster Available

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Original title: valuables come to the scene in the capital for the fourth innovations Students will add luster Available

December 5 - 6 days to '?? Dreams of youth entrepreneurship and innovation' as the theme of the fourth 'Science and Technology Innovation Works and patent the results show promotion capital Students' (hereinafter referred to as the capital of college students will promote innovation or promotion) in Beijing Vocational College of Electronic Science and Technology held in valuables as a professional deep intellectual property institutions participated in the seminar.

Available current Beijing Municipal Education Commission jointly by the Beijing Science and Technology Association, the Beijing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee, the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Bureau, Beijing Municipal Federation of Industry co-sponsored Beijing Science and Technology Consulting Center , Beijing Vocational College of Electronic Science and Technology hosted a total of Beijing, Tianjin and three nearly 50 colleges and universities participated, displaying more than 600 works of science and technology innovation, patent achievements, cultural and creative work, business plan and excellent paper and the like.

5 morning, in Beijing Vocational College of Electronic Science and Technology Stadium was officially launched. Each master, Organizer leadership, some leaders participating universities and student representatives, relevant things flat rate, media reporters attended the promotion ceremony. Promotion since 2012 has been successfully held the first since held three regional universities across Beijing, Tianjin enjoys wide influence, this exhibition will promote to work, innovation and entrepreneurship mentoring, intellectual property consulting, corporate butt as a means to carry out innovative Auditorium, innovation Two of a Kind, a variety of activities talent Shinkansen topic roadshow PK tournament, coffee corner and a campus tour, and actively build a docking platform for universities and companies, universities and enterprise collaboration services in the innovation exchange activities in recent days show 2000 Students involved in the scene, more than 100 business representatives to observe the negotiations, more than 30 media outlets attended the interview.

Students will promote current innovation part of the Central Intellectual Property Advisory Group chaired valuables, the valuables Youth Innovation has always been the cause of concern, has repeatedly into the university campus to promote IP education and services, and a number of institutions of higher education and to establish various forms of partnership.

In valuables Group was established in 2002, is a leading intellectual property agency services, in addition to traditional trademarks, patents, copyright is indeed the right business, the valuables Group, as China's leading cloud platform intellectual property technology services, intellectual property rights has been established electronic commerce, intellectual property transactions, intellectual property management, intellectual property finance these four mutual trust, mutual promotion of the service module, build a complete IP ecosystem.

The seminar in valuables Group 'You give me an idea, but also your valuables in a patent' as the theme, set up a counseling service desk, has attracted hundreds of students and enterprises to come to consult the relevant personnel, patent application process, application time, application fees and other issues to give a detailed answer, and gives a lot of professional advice, many students and enterprises valuables immediately expressed its willingness to accept the proposal, as they apply for the protection of innovations.

It is understood that technological innovation works and patent the results show promotion capital Students has successfully held three since 2012, featured innovations Students 1509, more than 6,000 college students to participate in activities, business representatives docking site hundreds of times, for a total signed the 13 intention to cooperate (patent conversion) protocol seminar will continue to promote the depth of integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial technology needs;. to create a Science and Technology Innovation atmosphere, stimulate technological innovation enthusiasm students, promote the growth of young scientists. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.