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Original title: sea sky + Talkweb leading the 'Internet + Education' - Shenzhen Education Online

Who will lead the information technology education innovation? They turn what kind of innovation, and promote the rapid development of the 'Internet + education'? December 5, Chinese information technology education leader sea sky, the first teamed up with Tuowei information, wonderful unveiled the 'First China Education Expo innovations welfare.' Beijing Normal University as conference organizers, the sea sky + Talkweb the only dedicated a separate booth.

The joint exhibition, major technology integration and capital, is the capital boost education information industry a new paradigm, the successful practice of the 'Capital + channel', 'capital + products' and 'technical + market' powerful combination mode.

Joint exhibition highlights emerging

As the 'Internet +' national development policy guidelines in the field of education practitioner, sea sky + Talkweb will bring its innovations education, showing the 'Internet +' strategy of substantial progress in the education sector.

Pavilion is located at the second floor of the basketball hall, will present the company in the 'Internet + exam', 'Internet + evaluation', 'Internet + campus', 'Internet + Education Management' in the field of exploration results. By 'quality evaluation system and platform. ' 'Testing Service cloud platform', 'sea sky interactive' and other seven products focused presentation, as we interpret information platform to build a new teaching ecosystem, multiple evaluation creating personalized learning space, magic 'database' to promote efficient management and 'Internet +' innovation achievements sunshine exam.

Top education expert 'Huashan Mountain'

In recent years, the state education department, the use of Big Data technologies, innovative educational concept, from a single exam to pluralism evaluation jump. Sea sky educational measurement company with rich experience, innovative technology, professional team and service reputation, and Xinjiang Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Sichuan, Guangdong, Guizhou, Zhejiang and other provinces as well as the education sector, Shenzhen district education departments to establish a deep partnership, has become the main partner countries the education sector of basic education quality monitoring center.

At 13:30 on December 6, with 'Educational Evaluation and Educational large data - Opportunities and Challenges' is the theme of the sea sky forums, will host a grand opening in the UK Academic Hall lecture hall forum not only brings together giant Chen, vice president of Beijing Normal University. , Education Association executive vice president of Dai dry, educational statistics and measurement branch chairman Zhang Minqiang and other education dean, domestic educational institutions and sea sky evaluation experts will also share accumulated in the implementation of education quality evaluation valuable experience.

Joined forces to promote information technology education

Five development concept 'Thirteen Five' plan proposed, how to implement the education sector, the sea sky + talkweb information will give the answer, because they are not only a pioneer in China's education information technology, but also with practical action laid the industry leader person status. Here you can not only immersive feel their deep examination and evaluation of educational measurement heritage, but also how they distance the depth of integration of Internet, using the 'Internet +' thinking, reconstruct education model, improve education innovation and quality, better and together they discover the outstanding achievements, listening to the sound of wisdom, to share educational wisdom.

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