URGENT: new energy vehicles BYD stocks rose the daily limit of 6 shares

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 34
Sina Financial News Monday midday, the rise of new energy concept car, Ankai, Zhejiang Shibao, BYD, China BARI, Lifan shares, Tellus A daily limit, bus pass, universal money flows up over 8%, Felicity Seiko , Heng Li Industrial Co., Jinlong car, Dawn shares, JAC and other rose.

September 2015 new energy vehicle production exceeded 30,000, September new car sales synchronous energy of 28,000, the yield increase of about 10,000 MoM Bohai Securities believes that the policy continued to overweight the next year, new energy vehicles will continue to accelerate universal, public bus into the main area of logistics, pre-promotion ineffective region in the fourth quarter is expected to accelerate the promotion, production and sales is expected to continue the outbreak, is expected by the end of month sales expected to exceed 40,000, the annual sales expected to reach 250,000, the maintenance of the new energy automotive industry 'good' rating,

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