"Cut the soul" hand travel edition May 13 the whole platform open beta

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Lead: Soul arcade, handheld renewed! << >> Soul cut hand travel edition was May 5 open App Store IPO, scheduled for May 13 to open Android platform beta. << >> Soul cut hand travel version inherited from the 2012 Chinese Fighting << chopped soul >>, built by the end of the original pro-tour team force, Netease 2016 Legends of the horizontal version of fighting masterpiece. multi-hit game heroes 'Trinity' type of play, players can easily switch the hero in the battle to achieve endless even cut. With immediate effect , players can cut the soul Netease version << >> hand tour official website to get huge packs beta the first to experience the game.

Chopped soul

[Soul handheld arcade classic adjourned to rekindle feelings]

Horizontal version of fighting game experience from the earliest arcade games category after changes, which gradually transferred to the PC. << >> Soul cut end tour Netease launched in 2012, 3D large-scale checkpoints fighting game. As a Chinese leading horizontal version of fighting game with ultra-realistic combat fighting, Sincere to the meat of violence aesthetics, oriental fantasy fighting worldview absorb a large number of loyal fans. after four years, cut the soul << >> IP launched a new hand travel masterpiece, from the screen to the battle, from play to content, inherited the end of the tour. If << >> soul cut end tour inherited refreshing style arcade fighting experience, then cut the soul << >> hand travel version of the birth, it is in the mobile phone platform, to continue this a core category of experience and exchange issued a new vitality.

Soul handheld arcade classic adjourned to rekindle feelings

[Combat role trisomy instantaneous cut unlimited combo fullscreen blasting]

<< >> Soul cut and then hand travel version inherited end travel content and quality at the same time, a revolutionary innovation launched the 'trinity' style fighting gameplay - combat role switching Because of different enemies and respond combat role players often eager to experience the fighting multiple roles in different ways. in the soul >> << cut hand travel version, different roles can be integrated together, alternating in a battle. Blade, Diamond Tough fight, knock fit breaking move, the shadow of war, Torment quick and precise, good at one blow, pharmacists, care fairy Smart jump, strong remote enemy game in each battle can select up to three characters turns the stage, face different enemies , the player can switch a key role in the battle, choose their own hero for restraint enemy.

Combat role trisomy unlimited instant cut with strokes fullscreen blasting

[Rebel siege robbery Huanggang one hundred kinds of games are played to make the cut in the soul]

The tour ends in the succession for the role, but also gives players play end content class travel style, many other categories, greatly enriched the gameplay. Join volunteer army, war can coexist with the brothers, Huanggang banditry, bandits coexistence Select per capita, soul discuss battle, one hundred wheel boss battle ...... one hundred kinds of games are played, etc. you personally experience.

Rebel siege robbery Huanggang one hundred kinds of games are played to make the cut in the soul

Soul arcade, handheld renewed fighting people, cut newborn soul, soul >> << cut hand tour now in App Store exclusive debut, and will be open for all platforms beta May 13, the first to immediately visit the official website >>> reservation game!

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Traditional Chinese: 《斬魂》手遊版5月13日全平臺開啟公測