NPC attached Xishan School: How to accompany children through high school

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What is the most important year of high school things? Educational pursuit of success, but what is the definition of success in education? Success and happiness, which is more important? People's Congress (microblogging) High School Principal Yan Xishan school's educational philosophy is to do high school success people, happy people to do more.

NPC attached Yan Xishan School

High school students how to define success?

Test scores, elite schools, promoted ivy, which is the ultimate goal of international education choose it? Yan principals had to say prior to his speech, the real success is not only academic, but also character and personality. Motherland in mind, the vision of the world, having a 'man attached temperament.' No matter what challenges in learning, but also tough, positive atmosphere to meet all. Once you have this quality and tolerance, talk about academic performance, reinforce the foundation and ability to learn, even if in the future Europe went to university, students can still adapt to the environment, always feel happy. after all, learning is a complete process is a process of cultivation of personality, not high culture. happier closer hobby, whether it be love Orsay or to engage in DIY robot, schools should support and respect the students' dreams, so that the child will be more courageous, dare to dream.

How to Train Chinese citizens of the world heart

Many annual RDFZ Xishan school student to world-renowned colleges and universities to continue their education, how to show the power of China on the world stage is an international school education an indispensable element. 'If a student at any school or country, for display and presentation time , to use their own voice, tells the story of China, the voice of China. Chinese elements to let others see them, which is already planted the Chinese roots. 'Yan principals have expressed in previous meetings so perspective. international education is not a very easy way, there really is no entrance examination (microblogging) pressure, but the language, education, application, every step of elite education more stringent requirements. there are no ready high school over three years, how? What academic planning the best rhythm? international education is not there around the past pit? parents (microblogging) in the process how to accompany their children?

Yan Xishan RDFZ school principals will be May 14, Sina Education (microblogging) on the international lecture tour School Choice, exclusive share with their children through high school << >> Cheats three years.

With the rapid development of international schools, on the one hand the guidance of students have more choices, on the other hand also makes complex information into a parents school choice dilemma. For this reason, 'Sina 2016 International School Choice Tour', the Beijing Railway Station will held May 14 at the Beijing international Hotel convention Center in Beijing and Shanghai nearly hundred international schools will be exhibiting For more information, see: Sina 2016 international school of Choice tour hot open a free consultation call 15801068644.

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Traditional Chinese: 人大附西山學校校長:如何陪孩子度過高中