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Lead: For the hearts of men and straight men and gods, you and no makeup makeup difference is the color of your lips ... selected color is not good in their eyes is a disaster does not matter, Xiaojia today to recommend several to you. Natural gas has significant MLBB lip color! (Source: Claire network

What is MLBB lip

Small science: What is MLBB lip color it?

MLBB is My Lips But Better acronym and refers to himself as the natural lip color, lip color is the color of the inside of the standard will prevail. And most importantly, everyone MLBB color are not the same, that is, say your unique color!

MLBB lip

In fact, most people MLBB color is nude color, or partial nude color of raspberry, red bean paste color-based, we recommend this Xiaojia gave a few 'standard' MLBB color!

Ripe plum color:

Plum color

Big cousin in his endorsement of the new Dior Addict lipstick smear is 976 poster purple berry, and even that looks heavy mouth color, but because of the glaze lipstick central body injection has bright makeup moist gel within core, then coated with thin moist, when the thin coating may exhibit a natural lip color and mature beauty.

DIOR Dior Addict Lipstick # 976

DIOR Dior Addict Lipstick # 976

Rich, bold, very modern sense of raspberry pink, the same color into the pearlescent particles ... ... bold re-interpretation of urban style pink - throughout the history of Dior Dior classic colors.

Price: 300 yuan /3.5g

How to buy: domestic counter, Sephora.

Espoir clarinet Lip Glaze

Espoir clarinet Lip Glaze # 12 CLOUDY ROSE

As a recent hot makeup brand, espoir makeup products can be said that Korean cosmetics brand is recommended. It launched clarinet Lip Glaze series moist texture, color saturation, color cover daily frequently used colors .

Espoir clarinet Lip Glaze

Clarinet lip glaze number 12 is very positive plum red, for some people, deep lip star, is more appropriate MLBB color ~

Price: 19,000 won / 7g

How to buy: domestic unlisted.

Temperament bean paste color:

Temperament color red bean paste
Temperament color red bean paste

If you are a career person, then you must be the most color red bean paste can not miss MLBB color, red bean paste color can make your whole career and look capable.

YSL baby doll Kiss & Blush # 10 Nude Insolent

YSL baby doll Kiss & Blush # 10 Nude Insolent

Price: $ 40

How to buy: domestic counter unlisted.

Fire recently to not do a color red bean paste, sold out everywhere, Xiaojia squatting in front of the computer thought it is a lipstick every day.

YSL baby doll Kiss & Blush # 10 Nude Insolent

In fact, say it is the color red bean paste, red bean paste is not particularly critical color, but some faint rust-colored in the inside, matched with velvet texture calm atmosphere. At the same time as a dual lip and cheek products, not only can make lipstick, but also as the gills red, as people in the workplace can not back a bag how?

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Traditional Chinese: 你離完美素顏妝只差一款MLBB唇