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8 PubMed girls need to think twice: in the end is Gesha?

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First, the employment pressure postponed. This is the vast majority of girls participating in PubMed most important reason is well known that the vast majority of employers in the recruitment of employees when there is a serious gender discrimination, as girls travel inconvenient, girls to have children, to maternity leave ...... this series of obstacles to one outstanding female exclusion from thousands of miles away, even the 'secretary' to this one girl playing the main occupation, is now also are required to not break maternity leave 'male' of the. girls also had to continue to arm themselves with a postgraduate degree to win more jobs.

Second, the school to teach. In recent years, university teaching profession more and more girls love, they become one of the most ideal career. College Teachers Although wages are not high school teachers, but they teach little pressure, do not be led enrollment rate when no classes are not imprisoned, relatively free. each year for up to three months of summer vacation, these maids teachers have time to complete a wife, mother, a good balance between family and work. in addition, the university teachers teach objects are vibrant university students, and they often live, inevitably maid teachers maintain a young and energetic innocence, of course, is now on the school to teach the requirements are improve key universities generally require a PhD graduates have worked as a teacher's qualifications for postgraduates confined to administrative work of the Senate teachers.

Third, the upgrade themselves. Now, to be a 'three high' Women, has become an inevitable trend of social development. Whichever is the 'three high'? Highly educated, high income, high-quality, while highly educated seems to be high a revenue base and high quality. Dr. Zeng Banv seen as dinosaurs will be gone forever, Dr. Zeng Banv seen as extinction Shitai own people will eventually be eliminated, whether it is on the network or on campus , doctoral students can see their beautiful figure, not to mention the many beautiful women have a master's degree. they beautiful, intellectual, confident, independent, this is a new era of women's mark, and they become the one unstoppable .

Highly information-oriented society to modern women to provide a variety of lifestyle and a broader space for development of well-educated female master, and doctoral students high school education of women, it should be a group of people: thoughtful, insightful, with independent personality, will be full of fun and enjoy life. they can be as wise as Yang Lan, can be as intellectual as in Dan, Li Yinhe also as sharp as knowledgeable. they have a different experience and qualifications, a common independence, self-reliance Personality can be seen from them, a person's age, the appearance will be as time goes by and dying, and temperament, qualities, skills and knowledge is accompanied by personal wealth of your life. because of their rich and intellectual, for happiness and beautiful. from this perspective, 'well done' than 'marry well' worth more female friends to fight.

PubMed girls in the end is Gesha?

Employment pressure is an important reason to postpone a lot of girls to participate in PubMed lot of girls had wanted to work after graduation to find a job in defeat rather have turned around and preparing to do something was, on the one hand at least stronger than a graduate unemployment;.. On the other hand , PubMed also give yourself a chance to re-select.

In addition, many students do have because you want to satisfy their own interests, or their prestigious complex, or want to change jobs in their favorite occupation, etc. and the choice of graduate school. After in-depth analysis of their postgraduate purposes, then rational candidates decide whether Entrance Examination. Although PubMed can add some weight to find work, but age can not be ignored female graduate students after graduation Oh! practical problems still have to face.

Love and PubMed can have both?

Many girls Having decided that something you want to pledge that obsessed with preparing for examinations. But there are also little boy read along side tickets. Together for years feelings, because something was not willing to affect the feelings, so you want to do both. Girl born attentive , feeling rich in PubMed this sensitive period, the review process difficulties, it is easy to fluctuate emotionally this time with boyfriend companionship and comfort, perhaps to make themselves more courage to face the ups and downs of the road PubMed .

Of course, this is only a vision positive level. The reality, you can not always be like this way. In many cases, countless Some PubMed order broke up after a man himself, found or review not go there maintaining emotional stability, along with the self-study, to discuss the problem, to achieve a win-win situation. two others are immersed in the sweet world of Lovers, playing PubMed matter sauce.

In this matter, the public postgraduate tutors advise you girls, since the decision to PubMed, the matter would be responsible for it. Of course, the premise is to deal with the feelings of things, not because of their own feelings affect the progress of the review. When you have M votes in the side, but also decided to study section, they must be supported by the dream of their own choice, stick with it! try to keep sane mood in the review.

How the girls on the road PubMed weaknesses?

PubMed in the road to play the female advantage, adhere to in the end. PubMed for a person perseverance and self-management skills challenge is enormous, both boys and girls will face tremendous pressure. Girls are usually ready earlier, to pay more time and effort , more input, but why there are a lot of girls have had to face the last pay no results harvest? it certainly is not because of intellectual factors, numerous investigation can prove that there is no difference between men and women in terms of intelligence, even in many aspects of intellectual quality of girls is higher than boys.

In fact, the girls in the pro forma process usually prone to problems is war fatigue, emotional and protracted war, but a long review to prepare boring learning will result in decreased learning efficiency, and blindly adhere Yingkang, but to make the girls more tired , unable to concentrate. do not give yourself too much pressure. in this regard, the girls may wish to learn the way the boys focus on the efficiency of the review, give yourself some day to relax, exercise time, this is not a waste of time, but more reasonable use of time.

1000 Amoy 10000 Luk, although hard, Chuijin Until this beginning to the gold. PubMed is a practice people boil things, but after experiences, whether successful or not, your life will suddenly see the light, you will gain full after all scores and experience compared to what we can do is to seek results, cherished experience. hope every girl can realize something was perfect transformation of life in PubMed, the beauty revealed confident of success.

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