Hechi hit by strong convective weather hit - News

Hechi hit by strong convective weather hit

Updated: April 14, 2016  Views: 6

2016-04-14 | Author: Weipeng Yan Peng Changling | Source: Guangxi News Network - Guangxi Daily

Guangxi News - Hechi Guangxi Daily News (Reporter correspondent Weipeng Yan Peng Changling April 12 night, sandwiched hail storm struck Jinchengjiang Hechi City side Ling on the 13th early in the morning, the township Jiuweigang Tuen farmers Chen Huiping seen. torrential rain and hail tore up a home about to bloom more than an acre of chili, 'revenue this year at least to 5000 yuan less.'

April 12 evening to 13 am, Hechi some counties (cities, districts hit by strong convective weather hit, which Hechi City, Jinchengjiang side ridge, Bagong, Hechi, the East River and other towns, Yizhou Desheng town, Sanbao Township knot and slope Tian'e County, hail, hail the maximum diameter of about 4 cm, Jinchengjiang, Tian'e, Nandan, Huanjiang, Rochester districts (counties appear above 8 gale, which Hechi weather 11 ( 32.4 m / s, the maximum wind speed since the establishment of the station encountered. According to the meteorological department analysis Hechi, is expected next week, the city is still in the high incidence of severe convective weather.

Strong convective weather caused a lot of loss, damage Hechi downtown street, road loss lodging more than 170 million trees, Jinchengjiang 7900 acres of crops affected, more than 500 buildings were damaged, there had not received reports of casualties.

Disasters Hechi City Hongyuan farming companies barn, material library, office, kitchen and other buildings over 2,000 square meters collapsed. 10 o'clock that night, the company reported the disaster lateral ridge township government, township party members and cadres night came, and coordinate Nandan County fire officers and soldiers came to the support of the army fighting over 6 hours, 13 am to 4 pm, transfer all workers rescued trapped more cattle.

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Traditional Chinese: 河池遭受強對流天氣襲擊